If you want to get rid of grey hair, then eat these 6 super foods in your diet (6 Super Foods To Prevent Grey Hair)

Due to changing lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits, the problem of gray hair is increasing in most people. The main reasons for gray hair are vitamin B12, iodine and zinc. People who lack these nutrients have the problem of gray hair. But by taking a healthy and balanced diet, graying of hair can be prevented to a great extent.

According to hair experts, hair contains a pigment called melanin, which starts decreasing with age and due to this the hair starts turning grey.

Super Foods To Prevent Gray Hair

Apart from this, vitamin B12, iodine and zinc are the main reasons for graying of hair. Graying of hair can be prevented to a great extent by taking a healthy and balanced diet. So, today let us tell you about such foods which will help you in getting rid of the problem of gray hair.

Superfoods For Grey HairSuperfoods For Grey Hair
  1. Spinach: It is the best source of iron. Apart from iron, it also contains folic acid in abundance, which helps in preventing hair from turning grey.

2. Curry leaves: Curry leaves are considered beneficial for health and contain sufficient amount of iron and folic acid. Therefore, by including them in the diet, you can prevent hair from turning grey.

3. Blueberry: As tasty as it is to eat, it is equally beneficial for hair. It contains nutrients like vitamin B12, iodine and zinc, which prevent hair from turning grey prematurely.

4. Broccoli: Folic acid present in broccoli helps in getting rid of the problem of grey hair.

5. Fenugreek: It contains iron and fiber in high amounts, which helps in increasing the element called melanin. Apart from eating fenugreek vegetable, eat fenugreek seeds soaked overnight in the morning.

6. Almonds: It contains high amounts of copper and vitamin E, which provides ample nutrition to the hair and prevents the hair from turning grey quickly.

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