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Oh carefree beauty, I am intoxicated by your love… Even roses ask for color from you, such is your style… Wherever you walk, the sun shines… And when you hide, the sky becomes desolate… Sometimes you take the light of the world in your eyes by hiding it, sometimes you pluck dreams from the sky and caress them by making them sit on your eyelids… You write the story of beauty on the sand of the shore and I I meet you like waves and get lost in your love… These lonely desires of mine want to be fulfilled by melting into your wishes… And riding on the palanquin of the moon, they want to fill your forehead with silken threads…
Applying sunscreen is important not only in summers but in every season because it gives you protection from suntan, sunburn and premature ageing. Apart from this, applying it also reduces the chances of skin cancer. But while selecting a sunscreen, it is important to keep some things in mind so that you get complete protection. – SPF is the most important in sunscreen. How much SPF sunscreen to select depends on many things like your skin type, weather and temperature of your city etc. Since India is a hot region, only SPF 30 is effective here. – SPF 15 can give you protection for a maximum of two-three hours. – In summers when the sun is strong, it would be better to carry sunscreen with you. – When you are outside in the sun, apply sunscreen every 3-4 hours. – Take a separate sunscreen for the face. If your skin is oily, then take an oil-free sunscreen. Similarly, take a separate sunscreen for sensitive skin.
– Usually, after applying sunscreen, your skin becomes slightly dark. To avoid this, apply sunscreen about 15 minutes before going out, so that the skin color becomes normal by the time you go out. – If you think that after applying sunscreen, you can now stay in the harsh sun all day, then you are thinking wrong. It would be better to avoid the sun where it is not needed. – For additional protection, definitely wear sunglasses and a hat. – While buying sunscreen, also check its consistency. Cream sunscreens are better than sprays. – Yes, if you apply cream sunscreen and also spray it, then the effect of the sunscreen lasts longer. – Buy a separate sunscreen for your scalp as well, because the sun hits there directly and strongly. It can burn the scalp. – Cream sunscreen is best for dry skin, gel sunscreen is good for scalp and wherever there is hair, such as on the chest of men. You can use sunscreen available in sticks to apply around the eyes.
– Spray sunscreen is easy to apply, but there is a fear that it may enter the eyes, lungs through breathing or mouth. – You can also mix moisturizer in sunscreen. It will be even more effective. – The notion that sunscreen should be applied only on the exposed parts and not on the rest is wrong. Apply it on the entire body, because your clothes will not give you as much protection as you will get after applying sunscreen. – Remember, if you go out in the strong sun without sunscreen, your skin may burn, rashes may appear and even the upper layers of the skin may peel off. – Never rub the eyes forcefully after applying sunscreen, because if it goes into the eyes, it can cause harm. – Do not apply sunscreen to very young children, because their skin is sensitive. Even for slightly older children, apply only sunscreen containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, because these do not get absorbed in the skin and do not harm the skin. – If we talk about the amount of sunscreen, then 1-1 teaspoon of sunscreen should be applied on the face, scalp, arms and hands and 2-2 teaspoons should be applied on the torso part and on each leg.

– Kamlesh Sharma

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