30 Basic Beauty Rules That Can Make You Super Cool! (30 Basic Beauty Rules You Must Follow)

We all want to look beautiful, so if we take care of some small things, it will not be difficult to remain beautiful. Understand these beauty basics and include them in your beauty routine, so that you look beautiful and super cool!

Change your beauty routine: Our body also demands changes depending on the weather. In such a situation, plan your beauty routine according to the weather, like- add more moisturizing creams and lotions to your beauty list in winters and definitely use SPF in summers.

For bouncy and curly hair: If your hair has natural curls, do not brush them with a hair brush. It would be better to untangle them with your fingers, this will give them bounce.

If you want to remove nail paint but don't have a remover, then how to do it: If you want to remove nail paint but the nail paint remover is over, then apply one coat of nail paint and immediately remove it with cotton. This will also remove the old nail polish.

Do not take supplements unnecessarily: People often resort to supplements to get good skin and hair, but without medical advice, this can be dangerous. Mixing some types of vitamins and minerals can also have adverse effects.

Don't use too much blush on: Blush on may enhance your beauty, but if it becomes too much, it will give an artificial look. Always apply blush wisely. Keep it two fingers' width away from the nose and apply it only on the cheeks. This will give a natural look.

Basic Beauty Rules

Prevent hair color from fading: Get a deep conditioning treatment done once a month. This will lock the colour and the hair will also be saved from getting dry and damaged, because when the hair colour starts to fade, it starts to look very ugly.

To make your hair look full and bouncy, do a hair lift: Before blow drying, apply volumizing spray on the roots of the hair, then blow dry.

Make sure to use a clarifying shampoo once a week: Clarifying shampoo will remove dandruff, waste accumulated due to chemicals and bring back the shine of the hair. It also keeps the scalp healthy. Use it once a week.

Instant solution for split ends: An effective way to hide split ends is to apply a heavy hair repair cream before and after ironing or blow drying your hair. This will lock in the moisture and the split ends will not be visible.

Basic Beauty RulesBasic Beauty Rules

If you have greasy hair, here's what you can do: If the hair is greasy or sticky, do not apply conditioner to the roots of the hair. It would be better if you apply a heavy moisturizing cream on the ends of the hair.

If the skin is oily, then how to manage it: Use blotting paper when you feel excess oil. It will not only absorb all the extra oil but will also reduce oil secretion and give you a fresh look.

To get rid of unwanted hair, do shaving in the right way: If you want to shave to get rid of unwanted hair, then wash the skin with lukewarm water for some time. This opens up the follicles and the shave becomes better and easier. Apart from this, you also avoid rashes that occur after shaving.

Identifying the right shade of foundation: To select a foundation, try applying it near the jaw line and that too in natural light. The skin tone of your face should not be very different from the natural skin tone of your neck. If you feel that it does not look patchy, then that is your right shade.

Basic Beauty RulesBasic Beauty Rules

Exfoliate regularly: To get a fresh look, it is important to remove dead skin and toxins. If you face dust and dirt every day, then it is important to exfoliate daily. But it should be very mild.

Do not over clean oily skin and apply oil on it as well: Yes, this is true, because using oil-based products for skin cleansing or even for makeup removal will make your natural skin even better. Over-cleaning causes the oil glands to produce more oil, which can make the skin even more oily.

For skin moisture and softness: Make sure to apply a moisturizing cream or lotion on the skin immediately after bathing, because water washes away the natural oils of the skin. In such a situation, it is very important to apply cream to maintain moisture and prevent the skin from getting dry. It is better to moisturize when the body is slightly wet. This locks the moisture in the skin.

Lock in your look: Whenever you use a cream based product, be it lipstick or foundation, apply dry face powder over it. This will lock your makeup or your look. Similarly, after applying cream blush, apply powder blush over it. Not only will your look be locked, but you will get a clean and fresh look and your makeup will last longer.

Basic Beauty RulesBasic Beauty Rules

For sexy and fuller lips: If your lips are thin and you want to make them look full and sexy, then draw a line outside the natural line of the lips with a neutral tone lip liner pencil. Apply lipstick. Here keep in mind that the outline should not be too much outside the natural line. If you want, apply lip gloss or put a dot of glass in the center.

Apply mascara to false eyelashes as well: This will give you a natural look, because the fake eyelashes will blend with your natural lashes and the eyes will look beautiful.

How to prevent mascara from getting flaky: If your mascara dries up and gets scattered here and there on the face after applying it, then it is a signal that the mascara is either old or you do not seal it after using it. Always close its cap tightly so that it lasts longer and does not get scattered and your look is not spoiled.

How to prevent hair ingrowth: Apply products containing witch hazel or azulene. Witch hazel is a kind of astringent and azulene is actually a dark blue colored chamomile extract. These are used in both herbal remedies and cosmetics. Applying these will reduce the swelling and irritation caused by ingrown hair. After applying this, take out the ingrown hair with the help of tweezers, but do not pluck it, otherwise it will grow again in the same way. You will easily get these products from aroma centers, beauty clinics or chemical oil suppliers. You can also buy them online.

Reduce the cost of pedicure in this way: If you take regular care of your feet every day, then there will be no need to go to the parlor for pedicure. Scrub your heels while bathing daily and apply moisturizing cream on your feet after bathing. This will keep your feet beautiful for a long time and you will need to get pedicure done less.

Basic Beauty RulesBasic Beauty Rules

There is no need for a separate cuticle cream, your eye cream can also do this job: Instead of buying cuticle cream separately, apply eye cream on dry cuticles. It will hydrate and moisturize them and you will also save money.

Use bronzer like this for a clean look: Before applying the bronzer, mix two-three drops of moisturizing lotion in it and blend it and then apply the bronzer. This will blend it well into the skin and the skin will also get a clean look.

If you are troubled by pimples, then this is the instant solution: Applying toothpaste on pimples dries them up quickly. Believe it or not, but this is true. It would be better to apply white toothpaste and if you don't want to do this, then rub ice, this will reduce the redness.

To give your cheekbones a sexy look: To give more contours and shape to the cheekbones, apply bronzer directly below the cheekbones. If you want, you can also use a highlighter on the cheekbones. This will make your look attractive.

Clean and replace makeup tools regularly: Whatever the tools are, be it razor, makeup brush, face sponge etc., bacteria start growing in them after some time of use, so if they are not cleaned or replaced regularly, then skin infection or other skin related problems can occur. It would be better to take care of hygiene in these as well.

Basic Beauty RulesBasic Beauty Rules

Change your makeup and beauty products regularly: Just like makeup tools, beauty products also accumulate bacteria over time and repeated use, so keep in mind their shelf life and replace them on time and avoid using them for a long time.

Avoid experimenting and don't fall for the claims of fake beauty labels: If any product claims to give instant glow or fairness or claims to provide sun protection for the whole day, it is not necessary that it will actually do such a miracle. Therefore, do not experiment too much with skin products and use only that which suits you. Any new product that comes in the market may not necessarily suit you too, it would be better to stick to the brand that you trust and with which you have not faced any problem till now.

Be sure to check the expiry date and do not use expired products: Often we are so excited while buying beauty or makeup products that we don't even check the expiry date, while not doing so can be very dangerous and risky, it can even damage your skin and other parts, apart from this, most women have a habit of using the product until it is completely finished, even if its shelf life is not that much, save yourself from this greed, because it is very risky. Your skin, lips, hair and even eyes can be at risk. Be aware, be alert and act responsibly.

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