25 Easy Ways To Fix Makeup Blunders

Many times we make some mistakes while doing makeup. Sometimes the kajal gets spread or is applied in excess, sometimes the foundation looks patchy… or while doing makeup you realize that the foundation or eyeliner has dried up or your favorite blush on-eyeshadow is finished. Here we have brought quick and easy solutions to all your makeup related problems.

Quick Makeup Fixes

Quick Makeup Fixes

1. If there are dark patches and blemishes: To hide these dark patches, mix peach red eye shadow in your foundation and apply it on the blemished area. By mixing orange tint in the foundation and applying it, the blemishes are not visible at all. You can also try this trick to hide tattoos.

2. To prevent the kajal from spreading: The best way to do this is to apply a coat of brown eyeshadow after applying the kajal. The eyeshadow seals the kajal, so it does not spread.

3. If the foundation is finished: You can mix moisturizer in concealer and use it as a foundation. Just mix a pinch of powder or concealer with moisturizer well and apply it on the face. You will get instant glow. You can also apply loose powder or compact.

4. If there is no concealer: Thick foundation often collects at the neck of the foundation bottle. If there is no concealer, then use it as a concealer. Dab it lightly with the ring finger on the under-eye area or wherever there are blemishes and blend it well.

5. If you have run out of eyeshadow: Use bronzer or deep blush as eyeshadow. But keep in mind that do not apply it too much, otherwise your look will look unnatural. If you want, you can also use light shade lipstick as eyeshadow.

Quick Makeup FixesQuick Makeup Fixes

6. If the eye liner has dried up: If you have to go out somewhere and suddenly realize that the eye liner has dried up and is not getting applied, then keep the eye liner near a bulb for some time. This will make it flowy again and it will be applied easily. Do this immediately before applying the eye liner.

7. If there is no eye liner: then apply eyeshadow as an eye liner. Slightly wet the eye liner brush and dip it in dark eyeshadow like blue, black or brown and apply it like an eye liner.

8. If you don't have mascara: Apply a little petroleum jelly on the eyelashes. This not only gives the lashes a perfect look but also gives them a beautiful shine.

9. If you forgot to keep blush on in your purse: If your blush on is finished or you have forgotten to keep it in your purse and you have to go straight to a party from office, then apply a smooth lipstick of light pink or coral shade like a cream blush.

10. Want a smoky look: If you want an instant smoky look, then rub the kajal on the eyelid with a cotton bud (ear bud). Now, rub the same lip pencil that you will apply on your lips, lightly on the kajal and smudge it with a cotton bud.

Emergency Beauty Solutions

Quick Makeup FixesQuick Makeup Fixes

11. If the facial skin looks tired and dull, then massage it with a nourishing cream for 5 minutes. This gives instant glow.

12. If the face looks lifeless, then slightly heat a soft cloth and apply light pressure on the face. This will increase blood circulation and also reduce the pores. After this, splash cold water on the face. The skin will start looking young.

13. If your eyes look very tired, then soak cotton in cold rose water and keep it on the eyes for 10 minutes or keep the eye gel in the fridge to cool it and apply it on the eyes.

14. If there is no body lotion or moisturizer, then use a conditioner to moisturize the hair and body. Massage the conditioner on the body and then take a bath.

15. If your hair feels sticky and you don't have time to wash it, then spray perfume on the hair brush and brush your hair.

16. If your hair looks tangled, wet your hands with water and take a drop of moisturizer. Now move your hands all over your hair and make a French twist. Open your hair after 10 minutes. The tangles will disappear.

Cosmetic Solution

Quick Makeup FixesQuick Makeup Fixes

17. If the foundation has dried, add a few drops of distilled water to it and shake the bottle well.

18. If the foundation looks cracked, do not use it, because cracked foundation means that it has been spoilt.

19. Cream base shadows sometimes set and cannot be applied. In such a case, add a few drops of astringent to it. The shadow will become usable again.

20. If the mascara has dried up and is not being applied, then close the lid of the mascara bottle tightly and put it in hot water for 10 minutes. Now the mascara will be applied easily.

21. If the lipstick breaks or falls and gets spoilt, then remove the lipstick and place it in a glass bowl and keep the microwave oven in defrosting mode and keep this bowl in it for a minute.

22. You can also melt the lipstick on a gas stove on low flame. Now put this melted lipstick back in the lipstick case and keep it in the deep freezer, the lipstick will become exactly like before.

23. If you are going to use a lipstick after a long time, then first keep it in the fridge for an hour. If wax comes out when you apply it on your hand, then do not use it, because it has gone bad.

24. Before peeling off the lip liner, keep it in the fridge for some time. This will make it peel off easily.

25. If you don't want to spend too much on eyeshadows, then buy powder eyeshadows. These are cheaper and include many shades and highlighters in one palette.

26. If you are in a hurry, then an eyeshadow stick will be perfect for you. It is easy to apply and is not very expensive either.

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