Skincare Facts And Myths You Should Know

Due to misconceptions related to skin care, many people are not able to take proper care of their skin as per their needs. So that you do not fall prey to these misconceptions, we are telling you some myths and truths related to skin care.

It is said that hard work done in the wrong direction never pays off, so how can the wrong method of skin care keep your skin clean and safe? Your skin will shine only when you take care of it in the right way.

Myth: Everyone can use one skin care product.

Truth: This is not true. Like the structure of the face, every skin is different. Some people have oily skin, while others have dry skin. Also, the needs of the skin change with age. In such a situation, it is not necessary that the moisturizer or anti-aging cream that is beneficial for someone else's skin is equally effective for your skin.
Smart Tip: Different skin types have different needs, so the same skin care product may not be effective for everyone. So use the right moisturizer or anti-aging cream keeping in mind your skin type.

Myth: The more expensive a cosmetic or skin care product is, the more effective it is.

Truth: Not just cosmetics, but our opinion about many things is that the more expensive the things are, the better and effective they will prove to be. This thinking of yours may prove to be correct on other issues, but in the case of cosmetics or skin care products, this thinking cannot be said to be completely correct. The quality of expensive skin care products or cosmetics may be good, but it is not necessary that they prove to be effective. Sometimes low-priced products prove to be more effective for the skin.
Smart Tip: Instead of looking at the price of skin care products or cosmetics, it is better to pay attention to the ingredients written on it, such as: how many vitamins are there in this product or what are the nutrients that can prove to be effective for the skin? Therefore, buy skin care products or cosmetics only after checking them thoroughly.

Myth: Washing your face frequently does not only harm your skin
It remains clean and healthy also.

Truth: It is very important to keep the skin clean to avoid the problem of pimples, but this does not mean that you wash your face repeatedly to keep the skin clean. Using soap repeatedly on the face washes away not only dust and dirt but also the natural oils of the skin, which not only reduces the natural glow of the skin, but also makes the skin look dull.
Smart Tip: Use a face wash that suits your skin type. Wash your face with face wash only twice a day and do not forget to apply moisturizer after washing your face. This will not only keep your skin clean but will also keep it safe.

Myth: Applying expensive eye cream makes wrinkles disappear completely.

Truth: This cannot be said to be completely true. Whether it is an expensive eye cream or a special anti-aging cream, these are only meant to prevent the signs of aging and reduce them to some extent (like wrinkles, spots etc.) and not to eliminate them completely. It is also not necessary that an expensive eye cream proves to be more effective. Hence, do not choose an eye cream based on its price.
Smart Tip: To avoid wrinkles and pigmentation, use anti-aging cream from the very beginning. With this, you can succeed in reducing the signs of aging, but once they appear, it is not possible to remove them completely.

Myth: Using soap containing moisturizer removes dryness of the skin.

Truth: This is not true. Most people use soaps containing moisturizers thinking that this will make the skin not need moisturizers, but the truth is that soaps containing moisturizers cannot fulfill the need for moisturizers. It is important to apply moisturizers to keep the skin soft and smooth. The amount of moisturizer in soaps containing moisturizers is very low, which can make dry skin soft only for some time.
Smart Tip: Using soap containing moisturizer does not mean that the skin does not need moisturizer now. Using moisturizer is very important for healthy skin. It keeps the skin soft and supple.

Myth: There is no need to apply sunscreen during rainy and winter seasons.

Truth: We use sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun's UV rays, so many of us think that sunscreen should be applied only in summer. There is no need to apply sunscreen in rainy and winter seasons, because strong sunlight occurs only in summer, which can harm the skin, but this is not true. The sun's UV rays are as harmful for the skin in winter and rainy seasons as they are in summer.
Smart Tip: Whatever the weather, apply sunscreen whenever you step out of the house to protect your soft and delicate skin. Experts recommend applying sunscreen even at home so that the harmful rays of the sun coming through the window prove ineffective on your skin.

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