5 Easy Hairstyles for the Perfect Festival Look (5 Chic Hairstyles to Try this Festive Season)

The festival season has begun. In the meantime, everyone has started planning everything from shopping for special dresses for the festival to makeup, hair look. If you are also wearing a traditional outfit in the festival, then try these 5 hair buns to complete the look, which are quite trending these days.

Easy Festival Roll

  • If your hair is not straight, then straighten it.
  • Divide the hair into two parts from ear to ear by doing a side parting.
  • Make a low ponytail of the hair at the back.
  • Apply packing and make a roll by inverting the ponytail hair.
  • Pin the hair of the front section near the bun by crisscrossing it.
  • Give the finishing touch with hair accessories.

Fusion Style

  • If you want a traditional look then this look will be perfect for you.
  • Tong or curl all of your hair.
  • Make a ponytail.
  • Now pick up each curl of the tong's hair and pin them up near the ponytail.
  • This will give a beautiful bun look.
  • Decorate with accessories.

Flower Power

  • Make a parting from ear to ear and divide the hair into two sections.
  • Make a ponytail of the hair at the back and tie it into a bun.
  • Make a one-side parting in the front hair and divide the hair into three sections.
  • Twist the hair to make a ring and secure it on the bun with a pin.
  • Decorate it with flower accessories.

Low Plaited Bun

  • Comb your hair thoroughly and do back combing.
  • Make a low ponytail of all the hair, giving a slight puff look from the front.
  • Backcomb the ponytail hair properly and make a low bun by inverting the hair.
  • Leave one section of the ponytail. Braid it and wrap it around the bun.
  • Decorate it with flowers.

Fashionable bun

  • Tong the entire hair.
  • Leaving a section of hair from the front, make a high ponytail of all the hair.
  • Now take a section of hair with tongs and make finger pin curls and pin them up in the shape of a bun at the top.
  • For this, make finger rings and secure the rolls with invisible pins. Apply hair spray. When the rolls are set, remove the pins.
  • Roll the front hair with your fingers and pin it up near the bun.
  • Decorate it with hair accessories.

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