How to do makeup in 5 minutes, learn easy tricks for quick makeup (How to do your makeup in 5 minutes)

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Learn easy tricks of quick makeup to make your makeup routine simple and easy. Do makeup in 5 minutes and look super stylish.

Makeup In 5 MinutesMakeup In 5 Minutes
  • Instead of doing complete makeup for daily makeup, just apply kajal or liner on the eyes, apply foundation and compact. Apply lip gloss on the lips and get ready in 5 minutes.
  • If you suddenly have to go to a party and you have only 5 minutes for makeup, then highlight either the eye or lip makeup, like – give a smoky look to the eyes and apply only lip gloss on the lips or apply a dark shade lipstick on the lips and apply only kajal on the eyes.
  • For an evening party, apply moisturizer and then apply foundation matching your skin tone. Apply face powder. Apply white eyeshadow. This will give a fresh look. Now apply black kajal, eyeliner and mascara.

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Makeup In 5 MinutesMakeup In 5 Minutes
  • Always keep lip balm, lip gloss, body lotion, moisturizer and sunscreen in your makeup kit. These can give you a fresh look in minutes. You can apply these while going to office or even in the washroom.
  • If your eyes are swollen due to lack of sleep, you can easily hide the puffiness of your eyes by applying a dark shade of eyeshadow. Similarly, apply a dark shade of eyeshadow to hide dark circles.
  • Always apply foundation, it not only gives a fresh look to the skin but also protects it from heat, dust and pollution. Mix two drops of water in the foundation or apply the foundation with a wet sponge, so that it does not look like there is a layer on the face. By doing this, you will look fresh throughout the day.

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Makeup In 5 MinutesMakeup In 5 Minutes
  • For instant fairness, first apply moisturizer on the face, then apply foundation that matches your skin tone. This will make you look fair in an instant.
  • Always keep red lipstick in your bag. If you have to suddenly go to a party, then red lipstick is the best for party makeup. By applying it, you can change your look in minutes.
  • If your eyes are small then apply white eye pencil to make them look bigger. By doing this you can change your look in minutes.
  • If you have to go to a party suddenly and want to look glamorous, then apply dark blue eye pencil to give your eyes an attractive look. Every eye will be focused on you.

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