Get glowing skin in summer with the help of nutraceuticals (Skin Care With The Help Of Nutraceuticals In Summer)

During the summer season, the rising temperature of the sun causes skin irritation and scorching. Along with extreme heat, our skin is also subject to various weather-related complications. Especially during this period, the humidity due to rising temperatures increases the activity of the sebaceous glands, making our dry skin look rough and dull. This makes oily skin even oilier. The strong rays of the sun also cause tanning by increasing melanin pigmentation. Melanin pigmentation determines skin color and helps you get vitamin D, which is good for skin health. However, exposure to the sun causes excessive production of melanin, which can cause dark spots and patches on the skin. As the heat increases, the pores open up and get filled with dirt and oil, causing skin problems like acne and freckles on the face.
We take health supplements in some form or the other every day. In such a situation, nutraceuticals are the best for the skin. Nutraceuticals is made up of nutrition and medicine/drug i.e. pharmaceutical. Such food, which is beneficial in the prevention as well as treatment of diseases. Such products can be isolated nutrients, diet, herbal products, cereals, soups etc. Sushant Raorane, who is the director of Adroit Biomed Limited, told many important things about this.

Nutraceuticals In Summer

According to him, some special measures should be taken to keep the skin glowing and radiant in summer.

Keep the skin hydrated: Summer is the time when our skin needs more hydration. It is also very important to choose the right kind of hydrating serum during summer, which will hydrate the skin and make it glow. People with sensitive skin should consult a dermatologist and use skin care products that are mild and sulfur-free.
Ceramosides Oral Moisturizer is an amazing oral moisturizer that works from within, giving you hydration from head to toe. This is what led to the creation of nutraceuticals as oral moisturizers. It helps heal skin problems internally.

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Cut down on makeup and get the Glutathione glow: Summers are a time when you should use minimal makeup to make your look look natural. Too much makeup opens up the pores and makes the face look dull. Humidity and heat reduce the skin's ability to breathe. Skin should be kept natural, so that the skin looks more beautiful and vibrant from within. Keeping in mind the busy lifestyle, it becomes very difficult to follow a skin care routine. Neglecting oneself and taking unnecessary stress affects our skin health. Nutraceuticals like glutathione play a very important role in our skin health, especially in the case of pigmentation and blemishes. Glutathione prevents the development of melanin in our body from increasing, causing skin to darken too much and dark spots, etc. Glutathione also helps in getting rid of toxins and free radicals formed by the ultra violet rays absorbed in the skin.

Vitamin C Intake: Vitamin C is a very useful antioxidant, which has skin rejuvenating properties. Our skin is always fighting with a huge amount of free radicals generated based on biological reactions and severely from UV radiation, pollution and chemicals. This free radical overload (FRO) interferes with cellular metabolism and leads to collagen degradation and melanin over production as well. It is important to balance this FRO to ensure skin health and prevent collagen loss. Intake of vitamin C in natural form like amla extract enhances protective effects by reducing melanin, increasing production of anti-aging proteins and neutralizing free radicals and helps to promote collagen.

Nutraceuticals In SummerNutraceuticals In Summer

skin care tips for summer

  • Use sunscreen. Sunscreen is best and friendly for the skin in this season. Sunscreen contains 30-50 SPF and UVA and UVB, which prevents harmful rays from falling on the skin.
  • Cutting down on makeup is also important. Avoid using heavy makeup on the face. Use tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm and organic kohl this summer.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water is the most important ingredient. It keeps your skin soft and glowing. Water also helps in flushing out toxins.
  • Cleanse your skin regularly. Remove dead skin with a loofah and cleanse your skin regularly. The heat causes dryness and dust to accumulate on your skin, so cleansing your skin regularly with a mild cleanser is the best way to do it during this season.
  • Eat right. Eat nutrient-rich foods. Antioxidant-rich foods promote collagen growth for the complexion.
    It is very important for us to keep our skin healthy because it not only makes us beautiful but also gives us confidence. Through healthy habits and nutraceuticals, we can keep our skin glowing and youthful.

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Nutraceuticals In SummerNutraceuticals In Summer

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