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It is very important to do bad makeup, makeup rules are not kept in mind. To avoid this, here are some tips to make your makeup look beautiful-
It is very common to go to college-office or to functions-parties everyday… and to do late makeup. There is nothing to be said about going to the wedding, only kajal and lipstick, such minimal makeup is a must. Because makeup makes your beauty more attractive. Actually, the makeup done by you does not look good if you go to the wedding. The makeup does not look good, there is a contradiction in the matter. But this is not the case, because doing makeup is not an important thing, makeup rules are not kept in mind. To avoid this, here are some tips to make your makeup look beautiful-

Base Makeup
Base makeup includes use of color corrector, foundation, concealer, compact and primer or five cosmetics.
– First of all apply color corrector on your face. This will even out your skin tone.
– If I bring this foundation, it will spread systematically on my face and become one with my college.
– The dolis are empty, the face is covered with dagger and wherever required, bring concealer there.
– The compact gives a finishing touch to base makeup.
– Dolyambhovati pit is made of black circle and concealer is brought in its place.
– Using color corrector will help in getting an even skin tone even if you apply concealer wherever needed.
– T Jhonwar got the primer. This oil helps in balancing the skin and the foundation also looks darker.
– The goal is to choose a foundation that will look a shade lighter than your skin tone.
– Before you buy a foundation, choose the shade that best suits your jawline.
– Additionally you can get up to three shades of foundation applied together on your cheeks. The shade which blends seamlessly with your skin tone, suits you best.
– Choose a matte foundation for oily skin and a creamy or moisturizing foundation for normal and dry skin.
– You can create a shade that matches your skin tone by using both different shades of foundation.
– The foundation started from the center of Nehmi's face and spread outwards. You will get perfect result.
– I have brought to you the throat, ears and the Maneverhi Foundation.
– Foundation Nehami windows or natural light should be kept aside. When you go out, how will your makeup look, this is your style.

There is an alternative to shade card available for lipstick selection. There is a huge difference between the shades of lipsticks available on the shade card and the actual color of that lipstick. It is worth recommending to use such welly lipstick tester.
– The aim while choosing lipstick is that it is not necessary that the shade of lipstick you like will suit you at night.
– Daytime matte finish and nighttime velvety gloss finish real lipstick looks perfect. Soft colors during day and dark colors at night look more attractive.
– Start your makeup and complete your Purvi Dolyana's makeup. After that, apply petroleum jelly on the affected area and apply it on the skin. After that apply some lip balm.
– Use this foundation to give you the perfect base.
– After that apply lip liner on your lips. I have got a lip liner having the same shape as yours. The lips are thick and straight, and the lip liner comes along the original shape of the lips. Similarly, the lips are thin and thin, and the lip liner comes from the outer side of the original shape of the lips.
– After applying lip liner, apply lipstick. The color of lip liner and lipstick has a different effect which is why it is black. A shade of gentle or bold, no real movement.
– Blend the lipstick lightly with the lipstick. After applying the first coat of lipstick, press a tissue paper between your lips and then apply the second coat of lipstick to give the final touch.
– Glossy look: Apply lip gloss after applying the original lipstick.
– Choose the shade of lipstick keeping in mind your eye shape. Apply lipstick of deep color on your lips. Because light colored lipstick makes the lips look more beautiful, whereas dark colored lipstick makes the lips look fine.
– If your skin color is fair, then apply lipstick of mild color and if you are wheatish or dark complexion then apply lipstick of dark color, like plum or dark brown etc.

Eyeshadow and eyeliner
– The color of your bubbles would be like deep red, but choose eye shadow like bronze, copper or brown. Green color eye shadow is available for a glamorous look.
– The color of bubbles is black, I will choose eyeshadow of any color of yours. Brown, soft gold or grey eyeshadow will bring out the beauty of your eyes.
– Bubblegum color eye shadows like blue, turquoise, silver, fuchsia or dark colors are available.
– Round ass, get your doggy style makeup done outside. Its size appears big.
– If the eyes are bright or have a little green look, then apply some eye shadow or eye color on the outer edges of the eyes and highlight them.
– Just a little bit about eyeshadow or eye color, it looks big even if it is just for the sake of it.

– As soon as the eyes open, I apply some eyeshadow on my eyelids and do no makeup on the fertilized eyes.
– Jatana Dolyana gave a smoky look for the evening party. Yamule I got your glamorous look.
– By using different shades of eyeshadow, you can blend the colors systematically. There is no harsh line visible in both the colours.
– I never put any oil on the eyeliner. Or the shape of the lion gets spoilt.
– Get ready for any function or party, so get eyeliner in golden, bronze or silver color.

– While doing makeup for party in office, definitely use blusher. You gave me a dressy and polished look.
– Cheeks look attractive as they look gorgeous, so highlight your cheeks with a blusher in apple pink or apricot color.

Applying mascara is like choosing the perfect brush. These brushes are of two types. One gives a full volume effect and the other gives high definition lashes. I can select the right brush as per your requirement.
– I am not able to buy mascara before, I have to buy it.
– Buying or getting mascara doesn't mean I have to keep taking the brush in and out repeatedly. There is a possibility of filling air in the bottle and spoiling the mascara.
– Use waterproof mascara for daily use.
– If your eyes are dry, then choose a clear or transparent mascara.
– Instead of wearing contact lenses, you should start your makeup with mascara or a matching eyeliner.
– If you want to use mascara then please tell me, this is the proof. This case appears long. Apply two to three coats of mascara.
– There is a lot of mascara in the brush, but use tissue paper to reduce the smudges.
– If you bring mascara, it sticks to the sides, then after getting well it is applied. Your mascara won't spread and your makeup won't get ruined.
– Give a straight stroke of the hair to your eyelashes and a straight stroke of the mascara to your skin. I got attractive shape of eyelashes.
– Use an alcohol-free cleanser to remove mascara.
– If you want to remove mascara, then use water or acetone to remove it.
– If you are allergic to them or your skin is swollen, then don't apply mascara.
– Your eyes are very thin, so I should apply black eyeliner and mascara. Your feet look very small. Blue color is perfect for Asha Dolya.
– Dolyambhovati black circle is as follows, I don't apply mascara on my skin's eyelashes.
– Your complexion is very fair, actually, instead of black use dark bright color mascara. I got your soft look here.

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