6 Smart Tricks To Drive Away Dandruff This Winter

Smart Tricks For Dandruff

Dryness of skin is common in winters. Just like skin becomes dry in winters, hair also becomes dry. In this season, natural oil and moisture goes away from hair, due to which hair starts looking dry and lifeless. We can use many types of moisturizer creams for dry skin, but what about hair? Dandruff-affected hair becomes weak from the roots and starts breaking. If this is not taken care of, then dandruff can easily occur in this season. Let us know how to get rid of dandruff from hair in winters.

Oil Massage
In winter season, oil massage is very important to keep hair healthy and get rid of dandruff problems. By not applying oil, the scalp becomes dry and lifeless, due to which dandruff easily enters your hair. To avoid this, you can massage with coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil or olive oil. For massage, first warm the oil slightly and then slowly massage the scalp with the tips of the fingers.

Lemon and honey
To get rid of dandruff, mixing honey with lemon juice and applying it to the hair is beneficial. Lemon contains natural acid, which easily removes dandruff and honey helps in removing dryness. It can also be applied on the scalp by mixing any oil in it.

olive oil
Olive oil is very beneficial in removing dryness from the scalp. This oil is surprisingly beneficial for dry and dandruff-prone hair. This oil can also be used with honey. Honey has anti-infection as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

Vinegar also helps to protect hair from dryness and removes the layer of dandruff from your head. For this, massage your hair with vinegar and leave it for 15 minutes, then wash it with shampoo, the dryness will reduce.

Yogurt also contains natural acid, which helps in getting rid of dandruff. For this, mix gram flour or honey in yogurt and apply it on your scalp for half an hour, then wash it with shampoo. If you want, you can also mix egg white with yogurt and apply it on your hair. Using this can help in getting rid of dandruff.

It is important to condition after shampooing because hair tends to become dry and frizzy in winters, and this will prevent your hair from becoming dry.

what not to do…
Avoid washing your hair daily, as hair becomes very dry in winter anyway. Washing hair daily will remove its natural oils and this will make your hair look dry and unhealthy. You should wash your hair at least twice a week during the winter season.

keep your hair covered
Whenever you go out, cover your hair with a head scarf, otherwise your hair will become more dry.

Trimming hair is good during winter season. Cold winds take away the moisture from hair, due to which hair becomes split and starts breaking. By trimming regularly, one does not have to face these problems.

food and drink
In winters people reduce the amount of water they drink, due to which the skin and hair do not get enough water. Drink at least 4 liters of water throughout the day.

To keep your hair healthy and free from dandruff, it is very important to take good care of your diet. So, include fruits, green vegetables, nuts, fish, eggs and dates in your diet.

  • Bathing in the winter season is no less than a challenge. But when you condition your hair after shampooing, it is important to wash it thoroughly, otherwise the chemicals will remain stuck in the hair, which can damage your hair.
  • After bathing, do not tie wet hair with a towel or rubber band and never comb wet hair, otherwise it can cause hair fall and dandruff problem.
  • As far as possible, dry your wet hair naturally because when the hair gets excessive heat, it starts falling and breaking.
    If your hair has also become dry and rough in winter, then make your hair healthy and shiny by adopting these tips from today itself.

, Mini Singh

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