Try 10 home remedies (10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of White Hair Naturally At Home)

If you want to get rid of white hair, try these 10 easy home remedies. These make the hair black, thick and healthy.
White Hair, Naturally At Home
1) Soak the powder of Indian gooseberry in water overnight. Mash it in the morning and filter it and wash your hair with that water. Hair will become black and soft. 2) Cook one kg Indian gooseberry juice, one kg Desi ghee, 250 grams liquorice on low flame. When the water dries up and ghee is left, fill it in a bottle and keep it. Apply it on the hair. Hair will become black in a few days. 3) Dissolve the powder of Indian gooseberry in water and squeeze lemon juice. Wash hair daily with this mixture. White hair will start becoming black. 4) To get rid of the problem of hair becoming white at an early age, take 10 grams of walnut bark, 2 grams of white alum and 250 grams of rapeseed oil and boil them together. When the water of the walnut bark evaporates, take it off and keep it aside. By applying this oil, white hair starts becoming black and thick. 5) Apply Mahabhringraj oil or sesame oil or coconut oil on the head before sleeping at night and massage gently with light hands. Doing this 3-4 times a week will prevent premature graying of hair.

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6) Massage the soles of your feet with ghee before going to bed. Doing this stops hair from turning grey. 7) Boil a whole Indian gooseberry in hot water. After it cools down a little, press the Indian gooseberry and remove the seed. Mix powdered sugar, cumin, black pepper and rock salt in the pulp and eat it with food. This nourishes the hair and prevents them from turning grey prematurely. 8) Grind Indian gooseberries with neem and henna leaves in milk and apply it on the hair at night. Wash it in the morning. Do this twice a week. 9) Grind iron powder, myrobalan, baheda, Indian gooseberry and black soil to make a powder and soak this powder in sugarcane juice for a month. Apply this paste after a month. Apply it at night and wash the hair in the morning. 10) Grind fresh Indian gooseberries to make a paste and apply it on the hair or mix dry Indian gooseberry powder in water and massage the head. Due to this the hair remains black for a longer period.

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