Monsoon Makeup Guide: Make Your Look Rainproof

Monsoon season is very pleasant, but this season also brings with it many challenges in terms of makeup. From smudge-resistant mascara to foundation and setting spray, which are not affected by water, the makeup industry has done a lot for monsoon in India too. Whether you are going to your office or to any function, makeup with the right techniques and products will give you an attractive and perfect look throughout the day. Here are such monsoon makeup tips given by Ankita Manchanda, expert of Airblack Beauty Club. 1. Why waterproof makeup is important: Waterproof makeup can help a lot in keeping your look perfect in monsoon. Your eyeliner can fade in rain or humidity, your kajal can wash off, or your normal makeup can melt. But waterproof makeup is designed in such a way that it maintains your look throughout the day because it creates a protective layer. Waterproof makeup is designed to withstand sweat and humidity, which prevents your makeup from spreading, washing off and melting, whether it is lipstick or blush. It prevents them from getting washed off or fading. It is better to keep not only lipstick or blush but also waterproof eye makeup, which includes eyeliner, kajal, mascara and eyeshadow. 2. Cleanse and moisturize for smooth makeup: Clean and moisturize the skin before applying waterproof makeup, so that smooth makeup can be applied. Choose a good brand cleanser according to your skin type and apply it on the face by massaging it in a circular motion. This will remove extra dirt, impurities and oil from your skin. It is better to use a light and oil-free moisturizer, which gets absorbed without making the skin sticky. Also, the skin does not feel dry. Setting your base with a prime is also a good option as it will act as a protective layer and help your waterproof makeup go on smooth and last longer. 3. Make your monsoon lightweight base stronger: Use a light makeup base instead of very heavy products, so that the makeup lasts longer. Heavy products have a higher chance of melting or smudging. First of all, use waterproof foundation and tinted moisturizer that protects your skin from feeling too heavy. They allow your skin to breathe, tinted moisturizer is a great option to wick away moisture so that your makeup looks good and attractive despite rain or excessive humidity. Apart from this, a light base also helps your face look more natural, fresh and glowing. 4. Make your lip and blush look fresh and last longer: This season, it is better to opt for long-lasting lipsticks or anti-fading and smudge resistant lip stains. Similarly, choose long-lasting blushes for your cheeks that can withstand humidity and last all day. 5. Why setting makeup is important: For those who want their makeup to last longer and look attractive all day, choosing a good makeup setting product becomes a must. Waterproof setting spray is something that is sprayed all over the face. It acts as a protective layer that protects your makeup from humidity, helping it to last all day. On the other hand, translucent powder is a light powder that absorbs excess oil and sweat on the skin and also helps the foundation stay in place. 6. Touch-ups during monsoon help your makeup last longer: Keeping a few essentials with you during monsoon is the best option. You should keep blotting paper, powder and waterproof mascara with you so that you can touch up or reapply whenever needed. This is of course a backup option, but still do not ignore it. Blotting paper proves to be very beneficial in removing excess oil and bringing a glowing effect to your face. Similarly, if you need to reapply powder or waterproof mascara, then you should have these things as monsoon makeup essentials. Overall, these few tips can prove to be a game-changer for you during the monsoon months.

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