Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

There are different makeup rules for dry skin which looks dull, lifeless and stretched. If your skin is also dry, then do makeup like this to make your dry skin soft and shiny.

Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

Clean your skin like this
Before applying makeup, clean your face thoroughly so that the dead cells are completely removed and the face looks clean. But do not use soap for this, otherwise the natural oil of the face can be washed away by the soap.

Apply moisturizer like this
People with dry skin should start their makeup with moisturizer. For this, moisturize your face with moisturizer for 4 to 5 minutes so that the skin becomes soft.

Use concealer like this
Use liquid or creamy concealer and yes, apply a concealer a lighter shade than the foundation.

Apply foundation like this
There are many types of foundations available in the market like liquid, powder, creamy etc. but for glowing effect it is better to use creamy or oil based foundation.

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How to do eye makeup

  • To give an attractive look to the eyes, use creamy eye shadows; these give a much better look than powder based ones.
  • Instead of pencil eye liner or kajal, use liquid eye liner. These look more attractive.

Apply blusher like this
Apply creamy or jelly blusher for a shiny effect.

Makeup Tips For Dry SkinMakeup Tips For Dry Skin

How to do lip makeup
Apply glossy or moisturizing lipstick. This will give a soft look to the lips.

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Smart makeup tips for dry skin

  • Before applying makeup, moisturize your face thoroughly to make it soft.
  • Use water based or oil based makeup products.
  • Avoid matte, powder and oil free makeup products. This can make the skin look even more dry.
  • Do not use face powder on your face even by mistake. It can make your skin even more dry.

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