India's largest customized Ayurvedic beauty brand Vedix's new onion range will provide a perfect solution to every hair problem! (Onion Category Shakeup Due As Vedix Enters The Onion-Led Beauty Market With Complete Hair Care Range)

Vedix, India's largest customized Ayurvedic beauty brand has announced its new Onion range, which will solve all your hair problems. Vedix has already made a big place in the hearts of people and in the beauty market and industry with its customized hair care range and now they have entered the onion based hair care range, which has created a stir in the hearts of the existing brands in this field, because they are already growing rapidly with their customized Ayurvedic oils, shampoos and hair serums and now they are expanding their range a lot.

In this new expansion, Vedix has launched 10 new products in the market, which include – 3 hair oils, 4 shampoos and 3 hair masks. This collection is available on top market places, which means you can easily buy them online.

In Vedix's Onion range, you will get the best use and effect of all the properties of onion. The sulfur present in onion has great importance in Ayurveda. It helps in repairing tissues and also strengthens hair, skin and nails. It makes the skin flexible, protects against skin infections and prevents hair from breaking. It is also very effective for dandruff.

Vedix Onion range is a poly herbal formula i.e. it is prepared by mixing many herbs, which makes onion even more effective on the problem of hair loss. Onion is prepared with a specific dosha balancing formula which is perfect for your hair nature.

Ayurveda believes that every human being is different and no two individuals are alike. In such a situation, Ayurveda believes that first of all know yourself. Every person is born with a certain group of doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), which form his nature and then products are prepared specifically for each person according to their nature. At the core of Vedix is ​​​​the Tridosha system of Ayurveda, that is, it is based on it. Today's lifestyle is very challenging and the result of this is increasing stress, which has affected the health of our hair the most. Ayurveda believes that various parts of our body are affected by the imbalance of doshas, ​​from which hair is also not untouched. Imbalance of doshas affects hair problems as well as their growth.

Everyone's dosha and nature is different, so it is important to know that the hair care routine that is right for one person is also right for others. Ayurveda follows the system of aahar-vihaar i.e. diet and lifestyle which affects your overall health as well as the health of your hair.

Vedix's Onion range of oils and shampoos are customized according to your hair type and customized products are also available for those whose scalp is dandruff prone i.e. those who face dandruff problem quickly and more. These nourish the hair and also make it healthy.

Onion masks are customized according to the type of scalp and also deep condition your hair. The best part is that the strong smell of onion is balanced with great quality. So let us remind you that you can easily buy these from all major e-commerce sites.

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