How to keep your beauty products safe and clean (8 Tips To Keep Your Beauty Products Safe And Clean)

If your beauty products get spoiled quickly, it means that you do not take proper care of them. You can easily increase the life of your cosmetic products by using and taking care of them properly. We are telling you easy ways to keep beauty products safe and clean.

Beauty Products

Keep your beauty products safe and clean like this

1) Keep lipstick safe and clean like this
To increase the shelf life of lipstick, after applying it to the lips, twist the tip once on a clean finger and then close it. Store the lipstick in a cool place and apply it with a lip brush. Clean the lip brush with a cotton ball.

2) Keep eye and lip pencils safe and clean like this
Never wet the eye pencil with saliva before applying it. Doing so can lead to infection.

3) Keep eyeshadow and eyeliner safe and clean like this
The most delicate part of the face is the eyes. To protect them from infection, use only your personal eyeshadow and liner. Apply eyeshadow with a brush. Change the brush every month or use a disposable brush. If you have to use the brush for a long time, wash the brush or sponge occasionally. While applying the liner, do not leave it open for a long time.

4) Keep mascara safe and clean like this
It should not be used for a long time. Do not give your mascara to others to use. Do not let the mascara brush touch the ground, as there is a risk of germs getting on it.

5) Keep eye gel and cream safe and clean like this
Eye gels and creams can get spoiled due to daily exposure to air and bacteria, so use them only with clean hands.

6) Keep liquid foundation safe and clean like this
Shake the foundation well before applying it on the skin. While using it, keep in mind that always take out the foundation between your palms.

7) Keep concealer safe and clean like this
To increase the shelf life of the concealer, do not forget to wash the concealer brush every time after use.

8) Keep face cream and lotion safe and clean like this
Many lotions and creams contain vitamins A, C and E and they become ineffective when exposed to air after using and opening the product, so close the lid tightly immediately after use and remove the cream or lotion with clean hands.

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Beauty Products TipsBeauty Products Tips

How to increase the shelf life of your cosmetics

  • To keep beauty products (eyeliner, lipstick etc.) safe, keep them in a dry, cool and dark place.
  • Keep beauty products away from sunlight, moisture and heat.
  • Clean your hands before using any skin care product or cosmetic. Usually, whenever you apply cream or lotion on your palm, harmful germs get mixed in the cream or lotion. If hands are washed, the risk is less.
  • Wash makeup brushes, sponges/puffs every time after use.
  • After applying the product, keep the lid of the bottle or container tightly closed, especially if the product contains fragrance and alcohol.
  • Do not add water to any product without any instructions. Adding water causes its dilution and changes its pH balance. This makes the preservatives present in the product ineffective, because water changes both the smell and color of the product.
  • If you have bought a large bottle of any cream or lotion, then take it out in a smaller bottle as per your requirement, but keep in mind to use a sterilized spatula to take out the cream.
  • Keep sealed creams, lotions or lipsticks that are not in use in the refrigerator to preserve them longer.
  • Do not keep too many beauty products in your purse and handbag, because due to body temperature and heat the compatibility of the products starts to deteriorate and sometimes their colour also changes.
  • If you keep cosmetics (lotions, scrubs etc.) in the bathroom then keep them in a closed cabinet.
  • If itching, burning or red rash appears on the skin after using any cosmetic, then stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.
  • Never share your beauty products with others. This can lead to the risk of infection.
  • Even before doing manicure and pedicure at home, clean all the equipment with an antiseptic lotion.
  • Always buy cosmetics from branded companies.

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