How To Find The Perfect Lipstick Shade)

Wearing lipstick does not mean that you should wear red lipstick on every occasion. When we see Bollywood actresses in neutral lipstick or pastel lipstick, we wish we also looked like that. Before buying any shade of lipstick, see if you buy the same shade again and again. We tell you how you can choose the right shade of lipstick for yourself.

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How to choose the right lipstick shade for you
There are some shades of lipstick that not only enhance your beauty but also define your look properly. What are those shades of lipstick? Let's find out.

Neutral and Earthy Colours
Neutral colours like coral and orange suit everyone. Women who like elegant and classy look can apply such shades. Apply these shades while going to office or outing with friends. These suit both casual and formal looks. You can also look young and fresh by doing natural lip makeup like Kangana Ranaut.

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Berry Colours
Deep berry shades look good when going for a romantic dinner or outing in the evening. These colours suit special events or weddings. Deep berry colours can be applied anytime. They suit every skin tone. You can also look young and stylish by applying bright lip makeup like Kareena Kapoor.

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Pastel Colours
These are feminine colours. They can be applied anytime in the morning or evening. Apply pastel shade lipstick for a younger look. You can also look young and gorgeous by doing pastel lip makeup like Kajol.

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matte finish
Nude and matte finish shades are good for office. Applying such shades does not make the lips look too gaudy. These shades suit women of all ages. Women with fair, wheatish and dark complexion can apply such shades. You can also look gorgeous by doing lip makeup like Madhuri Dixit.

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Wild Cherry
No one can deny that bright red color attracts everyone's attention. It gives a bold and stylish look. Red lipstick suits a lot with black color outfits. It is very important to keep the skin tone in mind while applying red color lipstick. People with fair complexion should apply matte finish or light shade red lipstick. You can also look bold and gorgeous by doing red lip makeup like Aishwarya Rai.

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Mix two lipsticks to create your own shade
You can also create a different shade by mixing two or more shades of lipstick. But remember, while creating a new shade, apply it with the help of a lipstick brush and blend it on the lips only. If you apply lipstick directly on the lips, you will not get the desired shade when you use it again.

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How to use a lipstick that you don't like
No matter how expert you are, at some point you must have bought a shade of lipstick that does not suit you. Try these tricks to use such a shade:

1) If you have accidentally bought a very dark shade of lipstick, then after applying the lipstick, remove the extra lipstick by blotting (pressing a tissue paper between or on the lips). Only the lipstick stain will remain on the lips. Apply lip gloss or lip balm over it.
2) Applying a dark shade lipstick with a brush leaves a thin layer of lipstick on the lips. Apply a light shade lipstick over it. The effect of lipstick will be good when two shades are blended, for example, applying a light pink shade over dark brown gives a beige look.
3) To lighten dark colour, you can use pink and peach shades, but these definitely change the shade of lipstick.
4) To lighten the shade, you can also blend the lipstick with concealer.
5) If the lipstick is so matte that the lips start drying after applying it, then apply a layer of gloss after applying the lipstick. If you do not have lip gloss, then apply petroleum jelly with a brush. This will make the lips look soft and shiny.
6) If you want to give a dark look to a dull shade lipstick, then fill your lips with a lip liner before or after applying the lipstick. Applying a liner before lipstick helps the lipstick stay on for a longer time.
7) By applying lip liner over glossy lipstick, a matte look can be created and the lipstick also lasts longer.
8) You can also create a new shade by using lip liner over or under a light colored lipstick.

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