How to do bridal makeup for the bride's reception look (Bridal Makeup (Reception Look) Makeup Tutorial)

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This makeup tutorial will be very useful for you to learn how to do bridal makeup. This bridal makeup looks very beautiful in the bride's reception party. You too can learn bridal makeup step by step.

Bridal Makeup TutorialBridal Makeup Tutorial

How to do bridal makeup for the bride's reception look

First of all clean your face.
After this apply moisturizer.
Apply makeup fixer.
Now apply lip balm.
Set the eyebrows with a dark brown eyebrow pencil.
After this apply eye primer.
Now apply highlighter.
Apply orange corrector to hide pimples.
After this apply foundation.
Contour the nose and cheekbones.
Then apply compact powder.

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Now apply peach shimmery eyeshadow.
Then apply coffee brown eyeshadow and blend it.
After this apply copper eyeshadow and blend it.
Apply dark brown eyeliner on the lower lid.
Then apply kaajal.
After this apply black gel eyeliner.
Apply false lashes for volume.
Then apply mascara.
Now cover the glue of the eyelashes.
Highlight the cheekbones with light brown blush.
Then apply brown lip liner.
After this apply brown lipstick.
Finally apply natural gloss.

Watch this video to learn bridal makeup step by step for the bride's reception look:

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