9 Easy Tricks to Apply the Perfect Winged Eye liner

Those drops of dew on your eyelids… those lovely eyes bowing down to see you… really, the time of love is very beautiful… the treasure of memories of your beauty makes even my silent moments beautiful…

Cat Eye Liner
For a glamorous look, try the cat eye look. Apply eye liner on both upper and lower lids and join them by pulling them outwards and make a wing. Blend the kajal with an eye brush. Give a finishing touch to the eye makeup with eyeshadow.

Winged Eye Liner
In this, the eye liner is applied only on the upper lid. Apply the eye liner by drawing it outwards and making slightly larger pointed wings. Unlike the cat eye liner, it is not to be connected to the lower lid eye liner.

Glittery Eye Liner Style
Earlier the glittery eyeliner look was popular only for night parties and special occasions, but now you can apply glittery eyeliner for day look and any occasion, because it is no longer considered over makeup. Glitter eyeliner looks beautiful in winged look.

Double winged eye liner style
For the double winged eye liner style, give a winged look to both the upper and lower lids. The wing of the upper lid should be slightly bigger and upward and the wing of the lower lid should be downward and slightly smaller than the upper lid. Also, there should be a little gap between the two wings. This eye liner look gives a bold and stylish look. Use dark eyeshadow with the double winged eye liner look. This will add more glamour to your look.

Smokey Eye Liner
Smokey eyes give you instant glamour and it is very easy too. Just after applying the liner or kajal, smudge the liner with a small angular brush on the outer corner of the eyes. Now apply grey, brown or black coloured eye shadow and smudge it well.

Metallic Eye Liner Style
Metallic eyeliner is in trend these days and gives a perfect look for a party or evening look. For this, start applying metallic eyeliner pencil on the upper part of the eyes from the outer area towards the inside and apply it giving a winged look. If you want, apply eyeliner on the lower lid as well. Many shades of metallic eyeliner are available in the market these days.

Shimmery Eye Liner
Shimmery eye liner looks like glittery eye liner, but it is different from glittery eye liner. It contains smaller particles than glitter, which shine but do not give a glittery effect to the eyes.

Straight Eye Liner
Make a straight line on the eyes with eyeliner without any wings or boldness. In this type of eyeliner style, you do not have to make any kind of curve. Just make a straight line on the eyes from inside to outside and fill the empty space with liner.

Bold Style
If you want a bold eye look, apply a very thick liner. Just like sometimes you are trying to apply a thin liner and while applying it, it becomes bold. Here also you have to do something similar. This will give you a glamorous look in minutes.

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