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By adopting 5 easy ways to take care of oily hair, you can increase the beauty of your hair in minutes. Come, let us tell you 5 easy ways to take care of oily hair, try them and get beautiful silky-shiny hair.

Tips For Oily HairTips For Oily Hair

5 easy ways to take care of oily hair
1) Use mild or baby shampoo to wash oily hair. 2) Avoid washing hair daily. Also, apply shampoo on the hair, do not make the mistake of rubbing it on the scalp. 3) Always wash hair with cold or lukewarm water. Using hot water releases more oil from the scalp, which makes the hair sticky. 4) Avoid using conditioner, if it is necessary to apply, then apply very little. 5) Do not blow dry the hair, if necessary, use the dryer on low temperature from a distance of 5-6 inches.

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These home remedies are very useful
* Mix one part honey with two parts lemon juice and apply it on the hair roots daily and wash it after half an hour. By doing this regularly, all your hair related problems will go away and your hair will become long, thick and black. * Mixing amla powder in lemon juice and applying it on the hair roots helps in hair growth. * Grind amla with mango seed and apply it on the head at night before sleeping and wash it in the morning. This makes the hair long, black and soft.

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