5 Celeb-inspired bridal hairstyles that will give the bride a trendy look (Celeb inspired 5 bridal Hairstyles for every Indian Bride)

If you are also going to be a bride and want to look like a perfect bride on the most special day of your life, then try these 5 trendy and new hairstyles (Bridal Hair style). You can try these hairstyles from pre wedding functions to the wedding day or post wedding party.

French Knot With Twist

– Take a section of hair from the top centre, backcomb it, make a puff and pin it up.
– Take small sections from both sides near the ears and pin them up near the puff.
– Now move the hair from the right side to the left side and secure it with a pin.
– Make a French knot by backcombing the hair on the left side.
– Decorate it with hair accessories.

Twisted Bun

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– Lightly backcomb all your hair.
– Now take some hair, twist it slightly and pin it up at the back.

– Now twist all the hair together and make a bun.
– Leave some strands of hair at the front as is.

– Decorate it with hair accessories.

Flower Girl

– Straighten all your hair.
– Part your hair in the middle.
– Take very thin sections from near the ears on both sides and make a loose braid and secure it at the back in a cross shape with a black rubber band as shown in the picture.
– Decorate it with flower accessories.

Evening Bride

– This bun will give you a completely different look in the wedding season.
– It is also in trend these days and looks beautiful on every face shape.
+ Take a section of hair from the top and back comb it and pin it up at the back, giving a slight puff look.
– Take thin sections of all the hair and tong them.
– Now, without opening the tongs, pin up each section one by one in the shape of a bun at the back.
– Decorate it with flowers.

Top Wedding Bun

– Comb your hair thoroughly and make a tight ponytail at the top.
– Apply gel, so that you get a completely flat look.
– Now take thin sections of hair from the ponytail, backcomb them and pin them up in the shape of a bun in a crisscross motion.
– Give the final touch to the bun with hair spray.

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