5 Best Nail Art Designs And Nail Care Tips

5 best nail art designs and nail care tips will make your nails attractive and your hands will look beautiful. In this festive season, you must try these 5 easy tips of nail art and nail care and make your hands even more attractive and beautiful.
Nail Art Designs
5 easy tips for nail art and nail care
1) Give a round shape to the upper part of the nails so that they do not break easily. Then clean it thoroughly with a toothbrush or oilbrush.
Nail Care TipsNail Care Tips
2) Use a cuticle pusher to slowly push back the dead skin around the nails. By doing this, the dead skin will be removed and the nails will appear longer.
Easy Nail Art DesignsEasy Nail Art Designs
3) Clean the nails thoroughly in warm water and dry them. Then apply the first coat of nail polish and when it dries, apply the second coat.

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4) To make nails healthy and strong, it is important to include protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B and C in the diet.
Easy Nail Art DesignsEasy Nail Art Designs
5) Massage your hand and toe nails with mustard or coconut oil once a week. Do not scratch your nails or else they can break easily.

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