10 Expert Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer During Monsoon Season)

To make your makeup long lasting in monsoon, you have to choose the makeup products very carefully. We are telling you such expert tips, which will make your makeup beautiful and long lasting in monsoon.

Monsoon Makeup Tips

Monsoon Makeup Guide: How to make your makeup long lasting in rainy season

1) In monsoon, rub ice on your face for 5-10 minutes before applying makeup, by doing this your makeup will last longer.

2) Avoid wearing too much makeup during monsoons, use light, waterproof makeup during the rainy season.

3) Avoid using heavy moisturizing creams, oily foundations and cream-based color makeup during monsoon.

4) Use matte compact or calamine lotion for makeup base in monsoon.

5) Avoid applying foundation in monsoon. You can use face powder in this season.

Monsoon Makeup TipsMonsoon Makeup Tips

6) Avoid applying kajal in monsoon, applying waterproof mascara and eyeliner is the best option in this season.

7) Use powder eyeshadow instead of cream eyeshadow during monsoon. Sheer and pastel shades are best for this season, so you can also try these shades.

8) Avoid using eyebrow pencils during monsoons, instead apply a little hair gel on a brow brush. Also
Get your eyebrows threaded regularly; this will make your brows look sharp and shaped.

9) Apply light blush in monsoon. Cream blushers are water friendly, so even if they get wet, you just have to wipe them with a tissue and your blush will look the same.

10) Stay away from creamy, glossy lipsticks during monsoon. Long-lasting powder matte tones or cream matte lip colours are best for this season.

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Monsoon Makeup TipsMonsoon Makeup Tips

Do makeup like this for a young look

  • Applying too dark lipstick will give you an old and mature look. It would be better to try pinkish tones. If you want, you can also try lip gloss. It will give you a younger look.
  • Most Indian women make the mistake of applying a foundation that is lighter than their skin tone. This gives a mask-like look. As far as possible, apply a foundation that matches your skin tone.
  • If you use too much concealer, it will also highlight fine lines, so avoid using too much concealer.
  • Over plucking your eyebrows will make you look old. Also, very thin eyebrows ruin your overall look.
  • Defining the eyebrows with a dark eye pencil also gives an artificial and old look. It would be better to use a pencil that matches the eyebrow hair while keeping the eyebrows in shape.

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Monsoon Makeup TipsMonsoon Makeup Tips
  • Avoid shimmery eye makeup. It highlights fine lines and gives you a mature look.
  • Instead of black eyeliner, try brown as it gives a soft look whereas black gives a harsh look and makes you look mature.
  • Completing your makeup with loose powder is also a big mistake, because loose powder will highlight your fine lines even more. If you use powder to reduce extra shine, then use it only on the nose and chin. It would be better to use translucent powder instead of loose powder.
  • If you get the same shade of hair colour done on the entire hair, you will get an older look. It would be better to get highlights done. This will give you a trendy look.
  • Most women apply eyeliner in the wrong way. Apply a thin line of eyeliner on the upper lid instead of the lower lid. This will make the face bright and the eyes look bigger, whereas liner on the lower lid will give you a dull look and the eyes will also look smaller.

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