10 bad habits can spoil the beauty of your hair (10 Bad Habits That Damage Your Hair)

Your bad habits can spoil the beauty of your hair, so to keep your hair long, thick and soft, stay away from these bad habits.

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These 10 bad habits can spoil the beauty of your hair
1) Many people rub their scalp and hair vigorously while shampooing their hair. Doing this not only damages the hair, but also stimulates the sebaceous glands present in the scalp. Sebaceous glands produce natural oil for the hair.
2) Many people wrap towel tightly around their hair to dry it. Not only this, wiping hair quickly with the same towel is also considered a bad habit. Avoid this.
3) Rubbing your hands through your hair repeatedly is also one of the bad habits. We touch so many dusty and germ-laden things throughout the day and then we put the same hands on our face and hair. These germs and dust become the cause of dandruff in the hair and the reason for their breakage.
4) Leaving your hair open while going out of the house makes the hair dry. The strong rays of the sun steal the moisture from the hair. Therefore, cover your hair with a scarf before leaving the house.
5) The smoke emitted from smoking makes the hair dry and lifeless. Smoking increases the chances of hair getting split ends. The nicotine present in it damages the hair.
6) Never comb wet hair. This bad habit weakens the hair.
7) Tying your hair in a tight bun while sleeping at night is considered a bad habit. Doing this causes hair breakage.
8) Using a blow dryer to dry wet hair also weakens the hair.
9) Taking a hot shower occasionally is fine, but taking a hot shower every day makes the hair dry and lifeless.
10) Itching your hair repeatedly is also a bad habit. This causes hair breakage.

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