You may not know about these 25+ Incredible Health And Beauty Benefits Of Mustard Oil, You May Not Have Known

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Mustard oil has many properties and it is a boon in winters, it has not only health but beauty benefits as well.

Health Benefits

  • It has antibacterial, antifungal and anticarcinogenic properties which prevent serious diseases like cancer. It prevents stomach and rectal cancer. It is also effective in preventing many types of infections. Its use in cooking is very beneficial.
  • Its effect is hot, so it also protects against cold and cough. Taking steam with mustard oil removes the phlegm deposited in the chest and nose.
  • It also protects against sinus. Mix a few cloves of garlic and a spoonful of carom seeds in mustard oil, heat it and massage the soles and chest with it. You will be protected from cold.
  • It creates heat in the body. Massaging with mustard oil strengthens the muscles and also improves blood circulation.
  • Taking a bath after massaging with this oil keeps the body healthy. You can apply it even after bathing. Apply it in the nose, ears and navel.
  • It makes the teeth strong and healthy. If you have any toothache, mix salt in mustard oil and massage your teeth and gums.
  • Joint pain and arthritis are also cured by massage with mustard oil.
  • The use of mustard oil is also considered healthy for the heart. Using it also reduces the risk of coronary heart disease. It has less saturated fatty acids and is rich in essential fatty acids, which makes it a healthy option for use in food. It reduces the risk of heart failure and angina and is an excellent option for those who have heart disease.
  • Mustard oil has proved to be a boon for those who have respiratory problems or asthma. Magnesium is found in mustard and selenium found in mustard oil proves effective in reducing the effects of asthma.
  • It improves metabolism, circulation and also improves brain function as it has stimulant properties.
  • It helps in improving the digestive system and increases appetite. If you do not feel hungry, then use mustard oil in cooking.
  • It is also helpful in reducing weight. The vitamins present in it increase metabolism which helps in reducing weight.
  • It reduces the effects of insect bites and rashes. If someone is bitten by an insect or mosquito, apply it there. Similarly, it is also used in case of rashes and even nappy rash in small children.
Benefits Of Mustard OilBenefits Of Mustard Oil

Beauty Benefits

  • This is an excellent moisturizer. If you want to give a healthy glow to dry skin in winter, massage with lukewarm mustard oil.
  • Mix it with gram flour and turmeric and prepare a paste, your skin will be brightened.
  • Due to its antifungal properties, it protects against fungal infections.
  • It is a great source of Vitamin E, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
  • It is also very beneficial for hair. It prevents hair fall and also improves hair growth by improving blood circulation in the scalp.
  • It also helps in removing suntan.
  • It makes chapped lips soft and smooth.
  • It is rich in vitamin B complex which is beneficial for skin health. Applying it improves skin tone and also helps in getting rid of blemishes and spots.
  • It contains anti-aging elements which give you younger skin.
  • This is a natural sunscreen that protects against ultraviolet rays. Before going out of the house, apply a little oil on the skin and avoid the harmful rays of the sun.
  • It prevents hair from turning grey prematurely. Mixing mustard oil with curd and applying it to hair helps in getting rid of many types of hair problems.
  • If the hair is turning grey before time then massage with mustard oil before going to bed or apply oil one or half an hour before washing hair in the morning, it will be beneficial.
  • If you have dandruff problem and are troubled by itchy scalp, then massage the scalp. If you want, mix mustard and coconut oil in equal quantity. Massage the scalp, cover it with a towel and shampoo after two hours.

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