What is beauty hygiene, how to maintain it? (Do You Maintain Beauty Hygiene?)

You are like a dream, you are like the beauty of flowers, your body smells like sandalwood, your body is like marble… velvety lips, silky body, where did you get this infinite beauty… even the eyes of angels stop on you, your beauty is so amazing…

Yes, who does not desire such beauty, but what is the use of just wishing, some hard work is also necessary… Hygiene is the first condition of beauty. Now you will think that how did this topic of hygiene come in the name of beauty. Whether it is skin, hair, lips or eyes, if hygiene is not taken care of, then the beauty of all these will not remain intact.

If beauty hygiene is not taken care of, sometimes skin infection, sometimes eye problems, sometimes hair fall, inching or nail or lip problems can occur.

Not only this, you can also get internal problems and diseases due to this, like stomach problems or any other kind of infection. If the body falls ill, how can your beauty remain healthy?

Beauty Hygiene

Let us know what is beauty hygiene and how to maintain it.

Beauty hygiene means keeping your skin, hair, eyes, nails or any part related to beauty clean and infection-free. Also, keeping beauty products and makeup tools clean and hygienic.

Beauty HygieneBeauty Hygiene

How to maintain beauty hygiene?

  • Clean and disinfect items that come in direct contact with your skin.
  • Do not touch your face with your hands repeatedly.
  • Keep cleaning your hands regularly with soap.
  • Avoid reusing face napkins. It would be better to use them only after cleaning them.
  • Do not touch pimples repeatedly nor scratch or burst them.
  • Keep your nails clean as they can be a breeding ground for germs. It would be better to keep your nails short, as there are chances of dirt and grime accumulating in long nails, which can lead to infection. If you want to keep your nails long, keep them completely clean.
  • Avoid using too many styling products on your hair. If your hair is sweaty, dry it and tie it loosely.
  • Sweat not only causes bad smell in the hair but also causes problems like scalp infection and dandruff.
  • For the health of hair, it is very important for the scalp to be healthy and hygienic.
  • If there is a problem like itching or itching in the scalp then its treatment is necessary.
Beauty HygieneBeauty Hygiene

Do's and Don'ts in Makeup!

  • Avoid sharing your makeup with anyone.
  • It would be better to always apply lipstick with a brush, most people apply lipstick with fingers or directly on the lips but this increases the risk of bacterial growth.
  • Clean and disinfect all makeup tools, including lip brushes, regularly.
  • Don't share anything from kaajal to eyeliner.
  • Keep your comb clean.
  • Do not share combs also.
  • Keep your private parts clean and remove unwanted hair regularly.
  • Keep checking the expiry date of skin and makeup products.
  • Be aware of the shelf life of all products.
Beauty HygieneBeauty Hygiene
  • Follow a daily skin care routine – cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
  • Keep the skin pores clean so that grime, sweat, oil and dirt do not accumulate in them and cause acne.
  • Clean your skin by adding a little salt to raw milk. This will clean the pores and will also be a kind of scrubbing.
  • After washing your face with lukewarm water, wash it with cold water so that the pores can close.
  • Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and dead cells and keep the skin clean and healthy.
  • Also take care of foot hygiene. The smell of sweat from the feet is very annoying. Actually this happens when germs grow. Keep your footwear and socks clean otherwise the skin of the feet can get infected.
  • While bathing, rub your heels with a foot scraper and moisturize afterwards.
Beauty HygieneBeauty Hygiene
  • Similarly, take care of the hygiene of the intimate area. Shave regularly. Keep the underarms clean.
  • If you have problem of excessive sweating then get it treated.
  • Don't wear accessories that are too tight as this prevents the skin from breathing and creates the risk of infection.
  • Wear cotton panties, so that the intimate area can breathe and also take special care of the skin there as it is very delicate.
  • If you shave the bikini area and underarms, then moisturize after shaving.
  • Even if you wax, apply astringent and moisturize.
  • All these small beauty and hygiene related tips will always keep you beautiful and your beauty will also remain healthy and hygienic.

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