Twitters adds bitcoin tipping and security features

Twitter Inc will permit individuals to tip their content creators with bitcoin and will launch a fund to pay a few users who have hosted audio rooms on its Spaces, the company said on Thursday.

The San Francisco-based organization added it will test better approaches to assist users with having a more secure experience on Twitter, like notice when individuals are entering a “warmed” discussion or allowing them to leave tweet strings.

The product announcement is important for Twitter’s as take to compete with rival platforms like Facebook and Alphabet Inc’s YouTube for well-known content creators with huge followings, and pivot its picture as a platform where captivated conversations can putrefy.

Twitter users universally on iOS gadgets would now be able to send and get payments, which was earlier restricted to a little group of testers.

Twitter is also planning to support NFT’s, in which it will let people track and display their NFT collections.

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