Surf Excel’s putting its effort to bring positive change with the latest campaign

Stamping World Clean-up day, Surf Excel has dispatched a 30-sec TVC that pushes us all to decide and make a move to achieve a positive change. Featuring the need to work with this change for superior life and being future cognizant, the most recent TVC is conceptualized by its creative agency Lowe Lintas.

The video includes a little youngster who is moved by the narratives of her dad and granddad about their feeling of delight from little encounters when man and nature weren’t out of sync with one another.

With an assurance to make a world wherein she can be a piece of these thrilling encounters, she begins gathering waste to make space for nature to thrive. Showing the way to her seniors, she acts to settle on better decisions for a cleaner future for herself, and numerous youngsters like her anticipating partaking on the planet in the entirety of its magnificence.

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