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Sunday is perfect for hanging up our boots and soaking in some gyaan sessions by the experts to amp up our relationships, especially when it comes from Bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle among her fans, Shilpa is regularly seen sharing diet tips to boon immunity, healthy recipes, and even expert advice on how to improve the parent-child bonds.

As Fit India Movement completed a year on Saturday, Shilpa took to her social media handle to give fans a glimpse of her novice archery session packed heavy with some “Swasth Raho” advice. Dressed in a spaghetti top, teamed with a pair of black shorts, Shilpa swept back her hair in a high pony and completed her look with a pair of running shoes.

The video featured the diva lifting the bow slowly, concentrating on adjusting the arrow in place and aiming for the bulls-eye on a target beyond the field. Encouraging parents to ‘build an appetite’ in their children for sports, Shilpa shared some handy tips in the caption to make kids active.

It read, “A child’s mind and body are like wet clay. So, I believe it is imperative that we introduce our kids to as many sporting activities as is possible. It helps inculcate sportsman spirit, a sense of healthy competition, ample physical activity, and is a good way to build an appetite. ”

Asking parents to set an example for their children, Shilpa added, “once they take a liking to a sport and develop the habit of experimenting with other sporting activities, it helps them stay active well into their adulthood too. But, kids learn best when they see us doing what we ask them to do. ”

She concluded by writing, “I would like to encourage parents to encourage not just the little ones to learn something new, but even themselves… regularly (sic).” 

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