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Pankaj Tripathi was working on multiple projects when the lockdown was announced. He had planned to take a break from his hectic schedule in May, this year and travel a bit. The acclaimed actor feels traveling allows you to open yourself to new experiences and cultures. So, every time he has an off in between his shooting schedules, he plans vacations to lesser-explored areas with his family.

Tripathi believes that traveling to various parts of the country and the world helps you meet people from different walks of life and each contributes to making you a better actor. The Mirzapur actor explains, “Throughout the year while performing, the job of an actor allows one to think about others — their emotional, social status. Walking in the shoes of the part they are playing makes artists more settled, kinder, and empathetic as people. Going beyond self is essential to become a better person.

You are willing to invest in something that goes beyond your personal benefits or selfish goals in life.” He adds, “ Travelling has always been an eye-opener for me. Meeting new people and opening up to them during travels helps you absorb and relate to sorrows, grief, jealousy, hardships, and happiness of the other person. Travel journeys break the myth of an actor thus making you a better actor, in the process.”

Locked down in the city since March, the actor has found newer ways to hone his skills as an actor. “Virtual setups aren’t the same as travel but through my social media, I have forged some equations with cinephiles and fans, who stay in touch. Some of these conversations help me get a peek into their lives and their existence, thus, familiarising me with a life that’s in stark contrast to mine. But whenever the world opens up, I can’t wait to get back to work. And I can’t wait to travel again, to lose myself in a world far removed from the mine and talk to strangers with no baggage and no agenda.”

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