Methods to enhance companies’s page following on Linkedin

As Linkedin company page is very important in terms of representing the company in this professional social networking ecosystem. It allows various options from networking, Hiring, B2B marketing, and many more features. The company page must have a good number of followers which shows the brand weight and helps in engagement.

Linkedin has been pushing its engagement algorithms and practices in the recent past. They have been providing many tips, tutorials, and standard modules to follow on Linkedin platform. By using that properly anyone can maximize the company presence and grow the followers on Page.

Here are few point which everyone should follow :

1. Complete the Basic Fields

First off, Linkedin advices to fill all the basic elements and information of the page and decribe what company wants to convey to the business community.

“Be sure to include pertinent keywords in your business description, as LinkedIn Pages are crawled by search engines and can often rank highly.”

A company should also add the following button or link to their website, other social media platforms, and collaterals. Admins should also push their first-degree connection to follow the company page.

2. Be Part of Converstations

Linkedin suggests that companies should engage themselves in relevant conversations to create awareness about their services, products, and ideas. Admins should expand their connections.

One way you can do this with LinkedIn’s Community Hashtags feature, which enables LinkedIn company pages to choose up to three specific hashtags to associate with their Page.

LinkedIn Community Hashtags

Admins can interact in the content and post related to these selected topics as a company. Which will provide more opportunity for enegement and exposure for a company.

3. Identify your target audience

Companies should look into the page insights and anlytics tool to view data about the demoraphic, behaviour, interest, location of their audience and how people are coming to their page. Userflow and analytics describes clearly what needs to e imporved to be more engaged.

LinkedIn Company Page insights

“You’ll also be able to identify which of your posts and updates are driving the highest engagement. With these insights in hand, you’ll be able continually optimize for better audience alignment, providing the type of content they find most valuable.”

4. Publish Thought Leadership Content

“The best way to capture the attention of [LinkedIn’s] audience is to publish compelling content about industry news, trends, and other relevant topics. In fact, 88% of business decision-makers agree that thought leadership content plays a crucial role in uplifting their perception of an organization.”

Try to publish the content related to relvent topics and that contents should be well researched and it should hold the valuable insigh for your target audience.

5. Encourage Team

Company should encourage its employees to participate of enage in companies activity on Linkedin, which will provide a new exoposure.

LinkedIn also says that companies should look to foster internal engagement by building an employee-only community on LinkedIn via the My Company tab.

The My Company tab, which LinkedIn added in February, includes ‘Recommend’ and ‘Coworker content’ listings, which enables businesses to facilitate direct sharing of relevant posts, and increase internal engagement with such among employees.

LinkedIn My Company tab

That can help to boost selected messages and updates, and increase engagement, which, in turn, can increase employee advocacy and help maximize your company presence.

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