If you want to look hot in the winter season, then definitely try these 40+ makeup and fashion trends (40+ Biggest Winter Makeup Trends And Fashion Ideas To Look Glamorous And Hot)

If you want to keep up with the times… want to look beautiful and stylish, then you will have to do some extra preparation for this. We have gathered some makeup and fashion mantras to make you most beautiful and super stylish.

Smart makeup tips
While makeup can double your beauty, it can also easily hide facial flaws. To bring you smart makeup tips, we spoke to makeup experts and makeup artists.

Winter Makeup Trends

In summer, the intense sun not only fades the skin tone, but also makes the skin look withered and burnt. In such a situation, using a toner provides a protective base to the makeup and the skin looks fresh.

If you are going out in the sun, apply a sunscreen with SPF 50 on your skin 20 minutes before going out. This will prevent the skin from getting affected by the harmful rays of the sun. Even if you are at home, apply a sunscreen with SPF 30.

Base Makeup
Apply light makeup for base makeup. Do not apply a thick layer of foundation. This makes the face look patchy and there is also a fear of the foundation spreading.

Eye Makeup
If you are going to a night party, you can choose a dark shade of eyeshadow for eye makeup. Choose pastel shades of eyeshadow for the day. Choose black or brown shade for kajal. If you are a college student, you can also apply colorful eyeliner for a funky look.

Cheek Makeup
For daily use, choose blush ons in natural shades, such as strawberry, pink, peach, etc. These shades give a natural look and also look fresh and cool.

Lip Makeup
Apply transparent lipstick on the lips so that the lip makeup gets a natural look. For this, you can choose shades like mauve, watermelon, strawberry etc.

Shades of Winter

Winter Makeup TrendsWinter Makeup Trends

Makeup shades also keep changing according to the season, so do not make the mistake of using the same shade and texture of lipstick in every season. Which makeup shades are trending in winter? Let us tell you.

Eye Magic

  • Apply neon color eye shadow for eye makeup.
  • For an attractive look, you can also apply a combination of two shades, like neon orange and neon green.
  • Choose brown color for the liner.
  • Use transparent mascara instead of black.

Blush On

  • To highlight cheek bones in summer, apply light shade blusher like pink, peach etc.
  • Instead of cream, powder based blushes are perfect for summer.

Lip Art

  • For a fresh and cool look, apply nude shades of lipstick on your lips.
  • Nude shades of mulberry, cherry red etc. will give you a fresh look. Give them priority.

What should youngsters keep in their vanity box?

Winter Makeup TrendsWinter Makeup Trends
  • Keep moisturizer in your vanity box for skin hydration.
  • Colored liners give an attractive look to young girls.
  • Gel based lipstick gives a fresh look to youngsters. Yes, choose lipstick shades according to your skin complexion.
  • You can also experiment with shades of blush on, but like lipstick, choose gel texture for blush on as well.
  • Apply bright coloured nail polish. You can enhance the beauty of your nails with nail art as per fashion and trend.

Go with style

Winter Makeup TrendsWinter Makeup Trends

Stylish footwear not only gives you a complete look but also makes you a trend setter. To look like a style icon, definitely include these footwear in your footwear collection:

High Heeled Peep-Toes
Nowadays, there is a good variety of bright coloured high heeled peep-toes available in the market. Choose them according to your outfit and choice and look stylish and confident.

Ankle Strap Heels
You can look gorgeous by wearing ankle strap heels with saree, gown, anarkali, short dress, jeans, skirt etc.

Comfortable Wedges
If you do not feel comfortable in pencil heels, then try comfortable wedges. These will give you a smart-glamorous look.

For a young and feminine look, give a special place to ballerinas in your footwear collection. Nowadays, ballerinas with bright coloured zardosi and beaded work are also being liked a lot.

Make your neckpiece your style statement

Winter Makeup TrendsWinter Makeup Trends

You don't need a lot of accessories to look special, just a neckpiece is enough. Keep a good collection of neckpieces in your wardrobe and make it your style statement. Nowadays there is a lot of variety of neckpieces available in the market, you can easily choose the neckpiece of your choice.

Over sized beaded neckpiece
While choosing a beaded neckpiece, keep in mind that its length should be below the collar bone. Bright coloured beaded neckpieces give a glamorous look to even a simple outfit. You can wear it with any outfit like a saree, dress, t-shirt.

Chunky Collar
Chunky neckpieces that reach till the collar bone are in fashion these days. Traditional neckpieces are being liked a lot with western outfits. Women who have a heavy bust line can easily hide this flaw by wearing a chunky collar. This will keep people's attention focused on your face.

Layered Necklace
It has many layers of different shapes and sizes and the largest layer reaches till the navel. It is also called multi-chain necklace. You can also create a layered necklace by wearing different sized neckpieces from your neckpiece collection.

What should a 30+ woman keep in her vanity box?

  • Use a cream made from a combination of skin hydration, anti-aging, color corrector and foundation.
  • Apply eye primer to hide dark circles and wrinkles under the eyes.
  • For a decent look, choose black or brown eye liner.
  • Avoid colorful eye liners at this age.
  • Use pencil liner instead of liquid.
  • Choose natural shades for eyeshadow.
  • Keep light shade lipstick in the vanity box.
  • Don't forget to apply mascara. It makes the eyes attractive.

makeup tips for working women

Winter Makeup TrendsWinter Makeup Trends

To look presentable in the office, choose the right makeup shades. Apart from avoiding dark and heavy makeup, what other things should you keep in mind? Let us tell you.

  • Base Makeup For office, buy cosmetics with semi-matte finish instead of glossy ones. Glossy products tend to stand out.
  • Lip makeup: Apply light shade or transparent lipstick. Light shades of baby pink and strawberry are the best options.
  • Eye Makeup Don't make the mistake of wearing heavy eye makeup in the office. Apply eye liner and transparent mascara. That is enough.
  • For cheek makeup blush on, choose soft shades like pink, peach, cocoa, watermelon. However, it would be better if you avoid cheek makeup in the office.
  • Nail Art: Choose light shade nail polish, avoid very bright colors.

Makeup Tips for Day Party

Winter Makeup TrendsWinter Makeup Trends

Which shades of makeup can give you a graceful look while going to a day party or function? Let's find out.

  • Choose a powder based foundation for a foundation day party.
  • Lipstick: Transparent lipstick in shades like berry blue, lemon drop, winter green, cotton candy, frozen blue etc. are best for day makeup.
  • Apply eyeshadow in floral shades or copper coloured eyeshadow. Keep the eye makeup a little light in a day party.
  • Blush tangy orange, light brown strawberry, shiny silver blush are perfect for day parties. You can choose these.

makeup tips for night party

Which shades of makeup look beautiful in a night party or function? Let us tell you.

  • Foundation: Foundation with matte or oily texture is perfect for night parties and functions.
  • Lipstick While going to a night party or function, apply lipstick in shades like chocolate or sheer metallic. These look quite attractive.
  • Eyeshadow Sheer silver, brass metallic, copper metallic shades of eyeshadow give a perfect look in night parties and functions.
  • Blush: Blush in dull gold, deep rose, steel grey shades highlight the cheek bones in the night light.

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