How to do makeup when wearing specs? (Makeup Tips For Women Who Wear Specs)

Do you also avoid wearing makeup because of specs? If yes, then don't do it now. Make the specs that you are forced to wear stylish accessories and look like Miss Gorgeous. What kind of makeup should you do according to the shape of the specs? Come, let us tell you.
No matter how beautiful the eye makeup is, all the beauty vanishes as soon as you wear glasses. This thought of yours can be proved wrong if you highlight the eye makeup, lip makeup and cheek makeup according to the shade of the glasses.
If you want to look beautiful in specs, then first of all highlight your eyebrows. * Give the right shape to the eyebrows. * While shaping the eyebrows, keep in mind the frame of the specs, not the face cut. * Do not choose a frame that covers your eyebrows completely. * If the growth of the eyebrows is less or the color is light, then use an eyebrow pencil. * Always keep an eyebrow brush with you and keep setting the eyebrows with it.

If there are dark circles under the eyes or spots have appeared around the eyes due to wearing specs, then try to hide them by applying a cream-based concealer before eye makeup. This will make the eye makeup look sharper, otherwise dark circles will make the eye makeup fade.

Eye Makeup
For eye makeup, choose such shades that not only make the eyes attractive, but also make the makeup shades stand out after wearing the specs. Choose the shades according to the frame of the specs:
* Light shade frame
If the frame of your specs is of light color, then choose a dark shade for the eyeshadow. This will highlight the eyeshadow and the eyes will look more beautiful.
* Dark shade frame
If the frame of the specs is of dark colour, then apply a light shade of eyeshadow. After that apply a dark coloured eyeliner. This will give a balanced look to the eye makeup.
* Thick frame
If the frame is wide, apply a thick coat of black or brown eyeliner. Choose natural colors for eyeshadow. Dark eyeshadow does not look good with thick eyeliner.
* Thin frame
If you wear thin framed specs, then make your eyes attractive by applying a double coat of eye liner. This eye makeup looks good with this frame.
* Black Frame
If you wear evergreen black frames, you can give an attractive look to your eye makeup by applying bright or neon coloured eyeshadow. These shades look good with black frames.
* without frame
If you wear frameless specs, you can freely apply a dark shade of eyeshadow.
Lip Makeup
If you do not want people's eyes to go directly to your specs or the beauty of your face to diminish because of the specs, then pay special attention to lip makeup. For this- * If the eye makeup is heavy, then apply a light shade lipstick so that there is a balance between the two. * Similarly, if you want to apply a dark shade lipstick, then keep the eye makeup light. * For a simple look, just apply lip gloss. * After applying lipstick at parties, functions or special occasions, give a shiny effect to the lipstick with a shimmery lip gloss.
Cheek bone
You can also look beautiful in specs by highlighting your cheek bones with a light or dark shade of blush on. Yes, keep in mind that if the eye makeup or lip makeup is dark, then apply a light shade of blush on. If one or both of them are of light shade, then you can apply a dark shade of blush on.
Smart Tips
* You can look beautiful in specs by smudging the eye liner. * Do not forget to apply mascara to give a complete look to the eye makeup. * You can also make the eyes attractive by applying a double coat of mascara. * Keep a makeup kit with you, keep doing touch ups from time to time. * Keep curling the eye lashes with a brush. This will make the eyes look bigger. * It is possible that the shades of makeup may change after applying specs, so keep checking the shade of eyeshadow, eye liner etc. by applying specs from time to time.
Specs craze of celebrities
The craze of specs is also prevalent among Bollywood actresses. Be it on screen or behind the screen, Bollywood actresses are wearing bold specs to look beautiful. Many actresses like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi Sinha, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan are making specs their style statement in real life too.

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