Get the perfect look with 12 smart makeup tools (12 Smart Makeup Tools)

There are many makeup products like lipstick, eye liner, eye shadow in your vanity box, but do you keep the necessary makeup tools with you for a perfect look? Come, let us tell you which beauty tools should be in the vanity box?
Lipstick Brush
You can try stick lipstick directly on your lips, but if you use liquid lipstick, then keep a lipstick brush to apply it. Keep at least 3 to 4 lipstick brushes with you.
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Bro com
Just like you use different types of combs to set your hair, keep a brow comb with you to set your eyebrows. With this, you can set your eyebrows easily.
You should also have tweezers to shape your eyebrows or to pull out unwanted hairs. If you don't have time to go to the parlor, you can give your eyebrows the right shape sitting at home.
eyelash curler
To give an effective look to your eye makeup, you should also have an eyelash curler. Using this makes the eyelashes look thicker and the eyes look bigger.
Nail File
To give the right shape to your nails, having a nail file is as important as having a brow brush, so keep at least one nail file in your vanity box, if not more.
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Foundation brush
Make sure to keep a foundation brush to apply the foundation. One brush is enough for this, 2-3 are not needed.
Beauty Sponge
Use a tear-shaped sponge to remove makeup. Often women use damaged or unused cloth to remove makeup, which increases the chances of skin damage. So keep a beauty sponge and remove makeup with it. Similarly, you can also keep cotton balls.
Magic Brush
Whether it is eye makeup or lip makeup, sharpness in makeup comes only when the makeup is done properly using the necessary tools, otherwise even a good shade of lipstick does not shine on the face and scattered blusher makes the face look dull instead of glowing.
Eyeshadow Brush
Unlike eyeliner, eyeshadow does not have a brush, but that does not mean that you use your finger to apply it. Keep 3-4 eyeshadow brushes available in the market in your vanity box.
BlushOn Brush
Use a brush to highlight the cheeks with blusher, only then you will be able to give the right cut to the cheek makeup. Not much, but 2-3 blushes on brush are enough.
Blending Brush
Along with eyeshadow, lipstick and blush on brushes, keep a blending brush with you as well. Such brushes are used to blend two shades.

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Bob Pins
For quick hairstyles, there should be a collection of bob pins in the vanity box. With this, not only can you create a glamorous hairstyle, but you can also set the short hair in the front with the pins.
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Beauty Fact
Many of us use fingers to apply lipstick and eye shadow. Thinking that we will be able to do makeup better with fingers. This is not so. Using fingers for makeup causes a difference in the shades of makeup, even a light shade starts to look dark. The chances of the makeup product getting spoiled also increase. It is better to use the right tools for makeup and bring sharpness to the makeup.
Smart Ideas
* Use the eyeshadow brush only for eye makeup. Don't make the mistake of using it for lip makeup. Similarly, don't make the mistake of using a lipstick brush for eye makeup. * If you are using two shades for eye or lip makeup, then use separate brushes for both. * Don't use the same shade of lipstick to apply another shade without cleaning the brush. * Clean the brush thoroughly after use. Then wrap it in a pouch or paper and keep it.

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