Do makeup like this to look 10 years younger than your age (30 Simple Makeup Tips To Look 10 Years Younger)

We women want to look younger than our actual age. You can fulfill this wish with makeup. You will be surprised to know that with the right makeup, you can look 10 years younger. Come, let us tell you the technique of applying makeup, with which you can look 10 years younger than your age.

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How to do base makeup
1) Start your makeup with moisturizer, that is, apply moisturizer first.
2) Use primer wisely while doing makeup. For a young look, do not use a powder based primer, this will make the wrinkles on your face clearly visible. To look young, use a moisturizer based primer, this makes the wrinkles on the face less visible. If your skin is oily, then use a gel based primer.
3) Use of concealer is necessary for a young look. With increasing age, spots start appearing on the skin under the eyes and around the nose. In such a situation, these spots can be easily hidden with the help of concealer. But while applying concealer, keep in mind that apply concealer only on those parts of the face where there are spots, you can spoil your look by applying concealer on the entire face, so do not do this at all. Also keep in mind that the shade of the concealer matches the color of your skin. Do not apply more concealer than necessary even on the part with spots.
4) Now apply foundation and face powder that matches your skin tone. Do not apply a foundation lighter than your skin tone to look fair, this will spoil your beauty instead of enhancing it. Yes, you can use two shades of foundation for face correction, for example – if your face is broad, then use a dark shade of foundation on the outer part of the face and use a light shade on the features that you want to highlight.
5) To look young in minutes, apply three in one foundation instead of normal foundation. This will reduce the layers of makeup on your face and you will look young and fresh.
6) With the help of highlighter, you can make your face look slim. For this, apply the highlighter between the eyebrows, then apply it on the nose bridge, above the upper lips and on the middle part of the chin.
7) If your chin is fatty and chubby, then apply bronzer on the jaw line. Here, keep in mind that blend the bronzer properly, so that it looks like stripes near the jaw line.

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makeup tipsmakeup tips

How to do eye makeup
8) Keep the eye makeup light, that is, there should be a difference of two shades between your lip and eye makeup.
9) If you have dark circles, do not highlight your eyes or else the effect will be spoilt.
10) Do not highlight your eyebrows excessively, doing so will give you an artificial look.
11) Use eye primer, it smoothens fine lines. After this, apply a light shade of eyeshadow.
12) Do not use dark colors for eye makeup. Do not apply shimmery eyeshadows as they highlight wrinkles and fine lines, making you look older. To look younger, apply light shades of eyeshadow like pink and peach.
13) Use brown eyeliner instead of black, it will give you a young look.
14) Do not apply too much mascara. Doing so draws attention to the eyes and also highlights the wrinkles. Do not apply mascara on the lower lid. Doing so makes you look older.
15) Complete your eye makeup by applying kaajal.
16) If your eyes are very small and applying kajal does not look good, then apply white colored eye pencil, it will make your eyes look bigger. Also, apply very thin eye liner. By doing this, your eyes will look big and beautiful.

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Apply blush like this
17) Keep your skin tone in mind while applying blush.
18) Don't make the mistake of applying too much blush as you grow older.
19) Before applying blush, apply matte foundation on the face.
20) Avoid creamy blush, it will make wrinkles look even more prominent. Powder based blush is perfect for you.
21) Don't make the mistake of applying shiny blush, apply matte or semi-matte blush to hide wrinkles.
22) For a young look, apply light shade blush like pink, peach.
23) If your cheek bones are prominent and even a little blush highlights them more, then you should do soft makeup. You should apply light shade blush like pink, peach. Also, you should try such a hairstyle which covers your cheek bones.

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How to do lip makeup
24) While doing lip makeup, use fresh and bright shades for a young look. Do not apply dark colored lipstick, this will make you look mature.
25) Use colors like coral, orange, pink etc. for lip makeup. This will make you look 8-10 years younger.
26) Neutral colours like coral and orange suit everyone. Women who like an elegant and classy look can wear these shades. These suit both casual and formal looks.
27) Applying nude and matte finish shades does not make the lips look too gaudy. These shades suit women of all ages. Women with fair, wheatish and dark complexion can apply such shades.
28) Apply pastel shade lipstick for a younger look. These can be applied anytime in the morning or evening.
29) If you want, you can also apply only lip gloss for a young and fresh look.
30) If your lips are thick, then apply matte lipstick. Also, before applying lipstick, outline the lips a little from the inside with a lip pencil, then apply the lipstick.

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Top Makeup TipsTop Makeup Tips

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