Apply red lipstick like Kareena Kapoor Khan in the festive season (Kareena Kapoor Khan Shows Us How To Wear A Classic Red Lipstick For Festive Season)

Bold-Bindaas Bebo i.e. Kareena Kapoor Khan often wears red lipstick on special occasions. Red color gives confidence, so applying red lipstick is the best option to look like the center of attraction. This festive season, apply red lipstick like Kareena Kapoor Khan and become super stylish.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

How to apply red lipstick
1) First apply lip balm or moisturizer on the lips.
2) To make the lip makeup last longer, apply a primer coat on the lips. After this, apply concealer so that the lips look soft and the lip makeup becomes uniform.
3) After this, outline the lips with a lip liner. There should not be much difference in the color of the lip liner and lipstick. One shade lighter or darker can work.
4) If you have thick lips then apply the lip liner on the inside of your lips and if you have thin lips then apply the lip liner on the outside of your lips.
5) After outlining the lips, apply lipstick with the help of a brush.
6) After applying the first coat of lipstick, take a tissue paper and press it between the lips. This prevents the lipstick from spreading. After that apply the second coat of lipstick and give the final touch.
7) Finally complete the lip makeup by applying lip gloss.

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Kareena Kapoor KhanKareena Kapoor Khan

Choose red lipstick according to your complexion

  • If you have a fair complexion then you don't have to think much while choosing any shade of red. Every shade of red will look good on you.
  • If your complexion is dark, then try deep shades of red color, these will look good on your complexion.
  • If your lips are very thin then do not apply a dark shade of red. This makes the lips look even thinner.
  • Shade cards are available for lipstick selection, but there can be a difference between the color given in the shade cards and the actual color of the lipstick. In such a situation, using lipstick testers will prove helpful in making the right choice.
  • Apply red lipstick with a matte finish during the day and a high-gloss finish at night.
  • Nowadays tomato red and chilli red shades are in fashion. You should also try these shades.

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