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Bastar has been always land of surprises for us. Although it has been labeled as a Naxal affected zone of the country still it bounces backs with some remarkable surprises. Now a young agriculture scientist from Bastar Dr. Tushar Panigrahi came up with the idea to develop the sanitizer from the easily available flower of Mahua, which is mainly collected by the local tribes for preparing local beverages.

Dr. Panigrahi has already prepared the sample at a very low and affordable cost. This sanitizer can be used by local self-help groups to mass-produce and make available to everyone. Dr. Panigrahi has named it “Aamcho Sanitizer” which is the combination of two words Aamcho means our as per local dialect Halbi and English word Sanitizer.

This sanitizer cost less than 50P/ ML which makes it affordable for rural people also.

Dr. Panigrahi told us that to neutralize the smell of Mahua he has also added some flavors and made it a little fragrance full. As there is a scarcity of sanitizers in the market due to amid corona outbreak worldwide, this invention by Dr. Panigrahi has come up as a boon for this region.



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