15 Makeup Mistakes You Are Making That Can Actually Make You Look Older: Expert Tips For Looking Younger

If you are also making such makeup mistakes that are making you look old instead of young, then you need to change your makeup pattern. You may not even know about those makeup mistakes that make you look older than your age. So know about those makeup mistakes today and correct your mistakes and recognize your young, beautiful, perfect look.
1. Using a foundation that doesn't match your skin: Most women make this mistake. In the desire to look brighter or fairer, they choose the wrong shade of foundation, which makes it look like they are wearing a mask or have applied a layer. Similarly, if you select a very dark shade, it will also make the skin look dull and give you an old look.
Tip: It would be better to identify your right shade. For this, select the foundation only after testing. Tap the foundation from the cheekbone to the jaw line and choose the right shade. Also, do not ignore the neck. The skin of the neck and face should look the same.
2. Wearing very dark lipstick: As age increases, the shape of the lips changes. In such a situation, dark shades make them look even duller and smaller. To make the lips look full and in shape, try shades of mauve or pink, you can also apply gloss. Many women think that they are too young to apply gloss, whereas a little shine can give you youthful plumpness.
Tip: This does not mean that you have to always stay away from your favorite berry or other dark shades. It would be better if you are wearing a dark shade, then avoid heavy texture and matte finish. Try lipstick or lip stain with sheer and hydrating formula.
3. Applying eyeliner only on the lower eyelid: Most women say that it is easy and simple too. Anyway, applying liner on the upper eyelid is a personal choice. But perhaps they do not know that by doing this, facial features look dull and the eyes also look smaller, which makes you look even older. Applying eyeliner on the upper eyelid will make your eyes look bigger and face brighter. But in this also keep in mind that do not apply the liner too thick, because this also makes you look older.
Tip: While applying the eyeliner, try to draw it as close to the eyelashes as possible. Also, keep the line thinner on the lower eyelid than on the upper eyelid. Also, keep in mind that the liners of the upper and lower lids should connect at the corner of the eyes. A light touch of dark shade eyeshadow on the lower lid will give a soft look to the eyes.
4. Applying the wrong shade of blush too low on the face: Most women make this mistake. They either select a shade of brown color, which looks dull and bland or they choose a very soft color, which makes the face look older.
Tip: To know your right shade, pinch your cheeks slightly and the natural color that comes out when you blush is your shade. While applying blush, start from the uppermost part of the apple of the cheeks and blend it backwards and upwards. Some women apply blush very low on the cheeks, but to lift and highlight your features, you should always apply it upwards.
5. Over plucking the eyebrows and not defining them: Very thin eyebrows give an old look. To make them look thicker, you should define them.
Tip: When buying an eyebrow pencil, choose one that matches the color of your hair. If your eyebrows are thin, then define and fill them with a brow pencil.
6. Using too much concealer on under eye circles: Using too much concealer to hide dark circles makes the fine lines around the eyes more visible because the skin there is thin.
Tip: Use brush-on highlighter pens, as they contain illuminating particles rather than thick cakes, which hide dark circles better without highlighting fine lines. Apply it on the inner corner of the eyes, as dark circles tend to be more visible on that area.
7. Finish your makeup with powder: Applying loose powder makes fine lines more visible, making the skin look mature.
Tip: If you have been in the habit of applying face powder for years, then it will not be easy to change it immediately. In such a situation, first start using sheer translucent powder. After that, make it a habit to apply it only on the nose and chin. After that, use blotting tissues instead of powder for your oily T zone.
8. Applying Black Eyeliner: Apply eyeliner as it gives a bright look to your eyes, but it would be better to apply brown eyeliner instead of black as black will give you a harsh and old look.
Tip: Instead of defining the eyes with strict lines, blend them with a brown liner with softness. Thick eyeliner will make the lashes look heavy. Draw a thin line on the upper eyelid with a brown pencil. Focus on the outer corner and smudge.
9. Applying Mascara on Lower Eyelashes: Applying mascara on the lower lid will give your eyes a droopy look. It would be better to avoid this.
Tip: For an uplift effect, apply volumizing mascara on the upper eyelid from root to tip.
10. Using a heavy dark lipliner: Using a liner that is too dark and too thick compared to the lip color will give you a mature look. If your lips are very dry, a dry pencil will make them look even more patchy.
Tip: For a soft look, apply a lip liner that matches your lip color. It would be better to use a creamy pencil so that the lips do not look dry and their lines are not visible.
11. Using lip liner as lipstick: There was a time when women used to do this, but keep in mind that lip liner is meant to define the lips and not to be used as lip color.
Tip: After applying lip liner, fill the lips with pencil and apply lipstick on it, so that the lipstick does not spread.
12. Applying hair color of the same shade: If you colour your entire hair in the same shade as you grow older, it will make you look much more mature than your natural age.
Tip: You can use multi-tonal hair dye. This will add dimensions, which will give a layering effect to the hair and also give you a young look.
13. Using Glittery Eyeshadow: Very colorful and glittery eyeshadows can also highlight puffy eyes and dark circles by giving your eyes a droopy effect. It would be better not to do such experiments at an older age, which can make you look much older.
Tip: You should try matte colours, which are subtle and define your eyes without overpowering them.
14. Using the wrong powder: It is true that powder controls the extra shine on your face, but it is also true that it sets into fine lines and highlights them.
Tip: It would be better if you use HD pressed powder. Its translucent and sheer effect will give you a sweet young look.
15. Not using primer: A good primer gives a flawless effect to your skin, so always use a primer before foundation.
Tip: It would be best if you use a silicone-based primer. It also gives a smoothing effect to large pores and fine lines and also helps the foundation to set well.
Expert Tips to Look Younger

* Avoid shimmer eyeshadows, as they highlight wrinkles and lines even more. Instead, use eye primer, which smoothens fine lines. After this, apply eyeshadow. Apart from this, also try matte shades of pink undertones. This will give you a young look. * Try natural looking foundation, because a foundation that gives too much coverage will make you look old. * Use concealer where heavy coverage is needed. * Avoid shimmers for a young look, as they highlight fine lines even more. Use illuminating powder. Use illuminating powder of pink undertones on cheek bones and inner corners of eyes, this will make the face look bright and young. * Definitely use lip primer. This will prevent your lipstick from spreading, it will reduce the fine lines of the lips and your lipstick will also stay for a longer time. * Keep changing your lip colors and shades from time to time. Always using the same shade will give you an old look.
– Vijayalakshmi

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